Huawei MateBook E and MateBook D, Two Proposals For Specific Audiences

The Huawei MateBook X was the clear protagonist of the presentation of the Chinese manufacturer in Berlin. Even so, there was time for two new MateBooks that complete the catalog of the brand and arrive with enough reasons to attract the attention of the user.

The MateBook E is the elegant 2 in 1 that wants to conquer the user with the best of both worlds, the notebook and the tablet. While the MateBook D is a portable computer designed to offer versatility to those who do not need the extreme experience of the X model.

Huawei MateBook E, The Elegance of 2 in 1

Processor Intel Core m3-7y30 or Intel Core i5-7Y54 Seventh Generation
Graph Intel HD Graphics 615
Storage 128/256/512 GB
screen 12 “IPS panel, 2160×1440 pixel resolution (1,000: 1 contrast, 400 nits brightness)
Connectivity WiFi ac (2×2 MIMO), BT 4.1, 2 x USB C, 3.5mm earphone output
Additional Features 5MP front camera, fingerprint reader built in volume button, 4430 mAh battery (up to 9 hours), new Huawei Folio Keyboard

That’s how Huawei defines his MateBook E, an elegant 2-in-1 that unites the world’s best tablet and laptop. A team that not only goes to fight with Apple’s iPad Pro but also, and more directly, with the Surface of Microsoft.

Huawei MateBook
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A device that will sound familiar to you as it is the evolution of the original MateBook. Here the same high quality finishes already seen, adequate dimensions and a very correct thickness are maintained. Demonstrating that Huawei is well on track with the product, shaping the experience gained with its smartphones.

Equally, we must recognize that there is little differentiators over competition beyond its touch in design. It is not serious, it can be your great advantage in the face of the user choosing this equipment instead. But it will also have to see what the user values more, if that, the price, or the benefits.

In addition to a new case with included keypad, comfortable if you like the short course keys, the hinge has been improved, allowing you to adjust the inclination more precisely. Thus, this MateBook E is an attractive and functional product together. There are few things that can be reproached and it transmits the same good sensations that the original MateBook.

In addition, with Windows 10 and all the potential offered by both Windows Ink and the Huawei Stylus that works very well, the MateBook E can be an interesting productive tool for a large number of users.

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Huawei MateBook
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The biggest drawback we see to this proposal from Huawei is called Surface. Microsoft’s product not only shaped this sector but is better seated among users. In addition, the new Pro version gives a step forward improving key aspects such as the use of Pen.

Anyway, after a brief contact, we have to admit that we liked it. And despite having complicated to make a gap, if its price follows that downward rhythm of many other proposals of the manufacturer will be even more interesting.

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Huawei MateBook D, Versatility with Fair Brags

Huawei MateBook E characteristics
Processor Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 Seventh Generation
Graph Intel HD Graphics 602 or Nvidia GeForce 940MX (depending on model)
Storage 4GB + 500GB HDD; 8GB + 1 TB HDD; 8GB + 256GB SSD; 4GB / 8GB + 128GB SSD + 500GB HDD; 8GB + 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD; 16GB + 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD
screen 15.6″ IPS panel, 1920×1080 pixel resolution (800: 1 contrast, 250 nits brightness)
Connectivity WiFi ac (2×2 MIMO), BT 4.1, 2 x USB C, 3.5mm earphone output
Additional features 1MP webcam, 3800 mAh battery (up to 8.5 hours)

Finally, the third product presented by Huawei was the MateBook D. A team with a technical sheet very capable if we want to enjoy multimedia content but will not reach the performance of more professional proposals or the experience that would offer his brother the MateBook X.

Huawei MateBook
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Here the Huawei laptop offers a design that maintains that same essence of the manufacturer so far this year with the rest of its products. Rounded edges, aluminum finish, good feel, robust feel and attractive specifications.

Globally we liked the touch of the keyboard and how the screen looked despite being with 1080p resolution. But there were also things that did not convince us as the size of the touchpad. And others that we can not value after such a short test time as battery, general performance or sound.

The trackpad as we say was the least we liked because of its size. No need to go to something as big as the last MacBook Pro but it is true that the current MateBook D seems small. Considering that it is a computer with a screen of 15.6″ would have been well larger dimensions. And that does not respond badly to multi-touch gestures and their use is relatively comfortable, but it does not prevent you from feeling that they could have done more.

MateBook D is a good proposition for all those who are looking for a laptop with which to consume multimedia content and with which to work, to consult the mail, social networks, etc. More comfortable and even lower price than other proposals. All this without giving up an attractive design.

At the level of specifications we lacked to incorporate some USB-C port, through which they could have enabled the video output and even the own load the laptop instead of the charger it brings. Since they bet on that connector for MateBook X and E the ideal would have been to do it here as well. Because Microsoft says that it is still an uncommon standard but it has taken months to prove its advantages. You May Also Like this Blog.

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