Floatti after smartphones, smartwatches or smartcases comes the smartsuitcase

Tired of seeing the same bags when you wait in train stations or airports? Do you bellboys buses seem the saddest and repetitive world? Is the trunk of your car asks you a little more originality whenever enfilades the road? Do not worry that today we bring you the perfect proposal, not only to breathe new life into your travels, but also to solve other problems.

It called Floatti and is a suitcase (or a draft suitcase yet), which, in addition to carrying our clothes and belongings to and fro, offers some extras that models from other brands or have been raised so far: there time of the “smartsuitcases“?

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Floatti is a project Kickstarter those for which there is no worry: already more than 100 thousand dollars raised so difficult to fall by the wayside, as those lost luggage conveyor belts at airports.

Its creators have tried, on the one hand, offer a different design, but without neglecting the functionality and practicality. Therefore, they have employed more resistant materials such as polycarbonate and aluminum, which in addition to making Floatti almost unbreakable, (that which we have seen in other bags, go), make Superlight. And all this we have added a touch of class with leather straps as a decoration, which do not become retro, but if modern bags away from other brands.

On the design side and look, little could be done: Floatti, with aluminum inserts and other details that thought, enters the eye, no doubt. But it comes the best when you find out you have even thought of a damping system both extension and compression, so that, for example, when we go dragging mode trolley along a cobbled street, our journey is not a real ordeal. For us, and for the suitcase, of course.

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Details like your band to hold bags or other packages on the suitcase also make Floatti a special product, which distills love for detail in all its aspects, but the festival intelligence, comes when you learn that Floatti is prepared to charge your smartphone… for example. And nothing less than up to 7 times an iPhone or one and half a Macbook. She ran him to stay half in airport waiting, friends. But there is more. Like the fact that Floatti have a touch handle, able to recognize that we have subject, and allow us to do some multi – touch gestures to answer calls from our mobile, saving us the hassle of having to stop to drop our bag and be able to answer a call or message.

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And if that seems almost magic in a suitcase, wait to know it’s over what gait weighing it to see if your plane ride will have some extra cost or not: Floatti tells you when weighing your luggage in a small screen that is only activated when we lifted her weight.

Certainly you never imagined a suitcase as well, right? Now sure you’re already looking forward to make a. Well, as I said, you get to go to Kickstarter and pay one of many possible sponsorships, which offer various configuration options suitcase, according to our needs and start from $250 … That and wait until it is available, of course. Then you just want to travel, and do not be lost or stolen suitcase, of course. Although that Floatti also has solutions thanks to its tracking system you thought you had not anticipated? Visit http://therecreationplace.com/ for more shopping tips.

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