Description of products in the online store, what are the customers looking for?

When creating an online store a key aspect for the sale is the description of the products. We know that many customers, real or potential, use the Internet to look for information about the products they want to acquire. If we have a website or an online store, what information does our customers care about?

Today the customer is usually more than informed when he decides to buy. Usually, very little attention is paid to the description of the products, merely copying the information offered by the manufacturer. This is rather scarce, since it is assumed that the SME is the link between the wholesaler and the final customer. This proximity must be noted in the description of the product and not only remain in a mere description at a technical level.

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If customers looking for information on the Internet perceive us as experts in these products, we will have many more opportunities to make the sale than if we have just copied what the manufacturer marks us. Of course, price is a determining factor, but under equal conditions, our options to close the sale improve, either in the online store or the website of our trade.

It is clear that we will always want to sell the customer with the product information. We will perform a description focused on reinforcing the strengths of our product by going on tiptoe by those who are less favorable or those who shine less than others do in the competition.

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Finally it is fundamental to add value of experience of use in the star products. Here the video is a basic tool, which will also give us a plus when it comes to gaining visibility on social networks like Facebook. In this way not only has a description, but you can see key aspects that may interest you.

As a side effect, our web or online store will improve in traffic, will be better considered by search engines or will be shared more articles and tests that we do. This will mean an increase in sales, either just by the increase of customers to which our product arrives, either directly or indirectly.

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