Conga 3490 Elite, a powerful intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that does everything

There is no doubt that cleaning the house is usually one of the least desired activities, not only because of how boring it is, but because it takes away free time to do what we really like. But this is something that has changed substantially since devices such as the Conga 3490 Elite appeared, one of the most versatile vacuum robots on the market. This small 4-in-1 appliance has a professional laser mapping system that will leave the floor cleaner than ever.

Conga 3490, with special brush for animals

In terms of design, this robot vacuum cleaner “copies” other models of the Spanish company, such as the Conga 3290. At the top it has the laser visor that we will talk about later, as well as a couple of buttons: one to start it and the other to return it to the charging base. This device comes with a main brush made of bristles and silicone, two side brushes and a special rubber one to remove animal hair (BestFriend Care), which avoids entanglement in places as difficult as carpets.

Two different tanks

One of the details that has surprised us the most in this Conga 3490 robot is that it incorporates two different tanks: one exclusive for solids of 500 ml and another mixed (2200ml / 350ml), which is the one used when scrubbing and vacuuming at the same time. By the way, I recommend that you empty them once you have finished the cleaning tasks, it will not be that they are full and you do not realize it.

Multifunction with 2300 Pa

This new Cecotec robot vacuum cleaner is multifunction, this means that we can vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub simultaneously and with a single device. To carry out its tasks, it uses the ForceClean system, which uses a powerful turbine that can go up to 2300 Pa. This assures us that it will collect all the dirt it finds in its path.

Intelligent laser navigation

Like other vacuum robots from the Spanish firm, the Conga 3490 Elite is committed to intelligent laser navigation (iTech Laser), which scans and maps your home to carry out a 360-degree recognition. So you can choose the fastest and most efficient way to clean every room in your home.

Multimap system

It also comes equipped with a multi-map system capable of storing up to 5 maps in the unit’s memory, in which you will be able to select up to 10 different cleaning modes. Its area mode allows you to block the areas you do not want to clean, giving priority to the places in the house where more in-depth cleaning is needed. Also, when you come across a carpet, it increases the vacuum power so you don’t leave anything behind. As you can see, the robot will adapt to your cleaning needs.

3 scrub modes

The Conga 3490’s scrubbing system is very unique. We say this because it is equipped with a mechanism called iWater made up of 3 different scrub modes. Depending on the type of scrubbing that we choose (deep, normal or superficial), it will measure the amount of water that will be poured into the mop. This will avoid that the floor is too wet, being able to pass the mop on any kind of surface. It also performs a curious movement (Scrubbing) when scrubbing, which is a kind of reciprocating movement, which manages to leave the floor much cleaner.

Control the Conga 3490 with your mobile

Although you will be able to use this Conga vacuum cleaner simply by pressing the button on the top, it is best to use the application on your mobile phone to get the most out of all the functions. To do this you just have to download the app on the smartphone and connect to WiFi. From that moment, you can control the cleaning of your house from the mobile, programming when you want me to do the tasks, the suction level or the cleaning mode. This model has the Room Plan system with which you can manage up to 50 cleaning plans, which will give you the opportunity to plan which rooms in the house to clean and at what times of the day.

Compatible with voice assistants

The compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant will allow us to connect the Conga 3490 Elite virtual assistants voice control. In this way, through the voice you can “order” him to start cleaning or stop cleaning, tell him to return to his charging base or know where he is in the house.

Good autonomy

According to Cecotec, its 3200 mAh battery will give it up to 150 minutes of operation (in the best case). If it will run out of load, thanks to Total Surface 2.0 technology it would automatically return to the base until it recharges and would go out again to resume cleaning from where it had been left.

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