Boomphones Re-Up, a strange mixture of headphones become Bluetooth speaker

Why invest in a wireless speaker and headphones when you can have it all in one device? That is what must have thought the heads of Re-Up, a project of Kickstarter that claims to offer wireless sound to enjoy private or more people from the same gadget.

Basically we face a folding headphones that work as such but by pressing a button and filling into a special housing are transformed into a Bluetooth speaker higher power.

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This is possible by incorporating two additional small drivers to the handset itself are located at the top of the housing and which complement the sound from the hulls to a total of 6 watts RMS. The housing has its own battery for 10 hours of listening and recharges both the headset and a smartphone via a USB cable.

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Each pavilion has some LED lights that glow and indicate when the handset is operating in speaker mode. In addition, they also have a microphone to answer calls from your mobile. As for the frequency response in handset mode it offers between 20Hz and 20KHz and when they function as speaker bass are reduced to150 Hz, so we cannot expect a sound too shocking.

Price and Availability

The Re-Up continue seeking funding on Kickstarter with the intention to begin distributing units in August 2017 for the amount of $99

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