Bluesmart One, if you travel in a habitual way you will want to do it with a suitcase as well

Bluetooth connectivity, integrated GPS, extra battery and some extra features make the BlueSmart One smart suitcase. But is it convenient? Is it worth your purchase? Or, on the contrary, is one more bet that adds to that “fashion” of putting technology in everything, even a coffee maker.

Taking advantage of a recent trip we decided that the best way to evaluate it would be to test it on the spot. So let’s see what it’s all you have to offer and how was the experience.

Bluesmart One
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The keys to Bluesmart One

Bluesmart One is, at first glance, a normal suitcase. It has a good size, good capacity inside and also a solid and reliable construction. But then we’ll talk more about its construction as a suitcase. Now if you think we go to what makes it special: its “smart” functions.

BlueSmart offers or is based on four keys to look traveler attract the public more and more technology: tracking and localization, digital scale, external battery and remote locking. So let’s go one by one to see exactly what they offer, how they work, and our experience.

Tracking and tracking system

BlueSmart offers Bluetooth and GPS and 3G connectivity . Thanks to this we will not only have the options of warnings or automatic blocking and of which I will speak later but also the location and monitoring of the suitcase.

Through a mobile app, available for Android devices with version 4.0 or higher and iOS 8 or later, we can see at all times where the suitcase is thanks to sending your GPS coordinates. This as you can imagine is useful in case of loss. It allows us to know at all times exactly where it is.

Along with this we have the option also to receive warnings when we leave the suitcase. That is, when the Bluetooth connection is lost the application alerts us by a notification indicating that we have moved away or suitcase away from our location.

In practice the reminder option if away from the suitcase is interesting but not essential . There will be users of all kinds but normal is not to get lost and leave the suitcase behind. At least if we only travel with her as cabin luggage.

Regarding the GPS location and its 3G connectivity, the function is useful and does not involve any additional charge (it makes use of a free worldwide SIM Card for the already integrated user) or even when connecting through the data network to Send the GPS coordinates. In case of loss we can know where you are with precision, even with great success if we use the option of tuning position.

The problem we have found is that the update time position is somewhat slow sometimes. In several tests, leaving the suitcase in a family member’s home, there were times when the information sent through the 3G connection appeared immediately in the application while in others it took several hours.

Digital scale

The function digital scale is something that hits a little at first. Is it really necessary? The answer is no but it can be helpful. Or at least more practical than having to use other types of scales or existing at airports, etc.

Thanks to the joint use of the application, which will act as a weight viewer, we will only have to lift the suitcase by pulling the main handle and the measurement will be carried out. It is not a 100% accurate measurement but the difference with other scales is minimal, about 200gr or so.

Anyway, as you can imagine it is not a feature you do need that suitcase. Even so, if you are flying with airlines that carry weight, weight control is practical.

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Extreme battery

It is certainly the most interesting option as well which can be replaced more easily if we opt for a traditional suitcase. Because carrying a portable battery is not only common but also is not annoying seeing the sizes and capacities there.

The battery that integrates the Bluesmart is not only used to power the same functions of the same, it will also allow us to charge devices. With a capacity of 10,400 mAh, to have an average of 5 or 6 loads smartphone, a few times the tablet, etc.

As we said is something that may not provide great value but it is true that it is very convenient for users who travel a lot. And is that avoid having to walk out and storing battery, etc. Yes it’s interesting We’ll just have to carry the charging cable and go.

Remote locking system

The BlueSmart has a closure which is activated by using the app for iOS or Android. Of course the closure is compatible with the TSA, so if necessary you could open it with your master keys without damaging the lock. Or do it ourselves with the two keys that it includes.

However, the interesting thing is that when using this remote shutdown avoid having to be taking and storing keys or remembering what put the lock than other types of bags used code. Also if we move away from the suitcase is automatically closed to protect the content.

The major drawback of this system is that many points would have won if they had added NFC connectivity. So just touching the terminal could open or close without having to unlock it, open the app, etc. A process that is not very annoying but it does consume us more time.

However, in the settings of the application we can define different types of behavior, such as unlocking the closure when we are close, or blocking it when we move away, etc. We still look better the idea of NFC but at least improves the experience of use.

Bluesmart, a classic design with smart touches

BlueSmart offers nothing extraordinary in terms of design. I mean, do not use any kind of material that cannot use any other suitcase. That does not mean that it conveys a sense of durability and high resistance. It would have to be tested for much longer to be able to say with total certainty but of course it is not the typical suitcase that we know will not last long.

With a size of 56x36x23 cm the best of BlueSmart it is that we can upload a cabin without any problem, thus avoiding the billing process and especially waiting at the baggage belt. It is true that it exceeds by a few centimeters the dimensions indicated by some airlines but that should not be a problem.

Following with its physical appearance, the first thing that strikes us after a first glance is the closure and above all the USB and micro USB connections at the back, right where the handle of the trolley. Then on the front the blue LED that will light when we press the button of Bluetooth connection. But from that part we’ll talk later.

In the front there is a small pocket with zip, when we open the security lock that protects the zippers and prevents access to the interior we see that we can access a new compartment.

This compartment is designed to hold a laptop, tablet or similar. First of all because of its size; also for access to a USB port that can be used to stop charging the device; and finally by the scratch-resistant lining as well as the suitcase fabric that prevents water from clogging.

Already in its interior few flashy things, several compartments, zippers to access different parts of the suitcase and little else. It is not what we should most appreciate in it but without doubt its different compartments to store the luggage offer a pretty good capacity (34L) and quality finishes.

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