Sony finally has a multimedia receiver for cars equipped with Android Auto and carplay

Sony carplay

Already it has some years that Google and Apple gambled by putting their operating systems in cars, this through solutions such as Android Auto and carplay, systems that have been incorporated into systems Infotainment from different manufacturers worldwide. The interesting thing came when receivers manufacturers ‘aftermarket’, i.e. those that are sold separately to be installed in the car, also incorporated these systems to their devices.

The first recipients could get with Android Auto or carplay, but it was Parrot who in 2015 launched the first receiver with both systems, which made manufacturers like Alpine, Kenwood, JVC, JBL and Pioneer will follow the steps. Today is the turn of Sony, who has certainly been slow to enter this market and now does with the multimedia receiver XAV-AX100 aftermarket. » Read more

What car to buy if you want Android or Apple Auto carplay?

car to buy

One of the most interesting level interface connected car struggles is taking place in the connected car. After several generations that the manufacturers have tried to establish their own entertainment systems, Google and Apple with their respective systems Android Auto and carplay, are called to be the final winners.

In this 2016, it is set to hit the big online catalog and cars compatible with Android Auto and / or Apple carplay, but already there is a significant number of brands that make up one or two systems in some of their models. Let’s see what cars Android Auto and Apple carplay I can buy today…

Android Auto and carplay, the great battle in the car online

While both Android Auto and Apple carplay were presented in 2014, really until the following year we did not start to see some much-selected models that made these platforms. In this 2016, it is expected that the bulk of models of major brands and reach their entertainment systems and communication ready to choose one or both systems. » Read more