Summer 2020 make-up: The latest trends

As the warm season approaches, it is also time to update our beauty routine and rethink the makeup we are used to. The proposals that come from the most famous fashion shows or brands can be the perfect opportunity to take a cue and find some interesting variations. Let’s find out more about the latest trends suggested for summer 2020.

The days get longer, the climate changes and the heat arrives, which brings with it an urgent desire for lightness. To better prepare for the new season, we can begin to investigate what the trends will be in vogue for spring-summer 2020.

In addition to rethinking our usual outfits, so as to accommodate the new temperatures, it can also be the right time to look at the new recommended trends in terms of make-up. This is because, although preferences regarding the fashion and beauty sector are extremely personal, it can still be useful to know the general lines that are in vogue in a certain seasonal period.

In this way, it will be easier to choose and orient ourselves in the boundless world of cosmetics, by purchasing targeted products, capable of exalting our beauty or our peculiarities to the maximum. Below we offer make-up tips which we believe to be, in this regard, an excellent starting point to study the possibilities to refer to and get ready for the change of summer look.

Naked or star-studded: Summer lights up with the right make-up

Deepening the make-up possibilities suggested by Douglas for next summer, we immediately notice the co-presence of two different trends. Possibilities that, although theoretically distant, manage to alternate with balance, creating a dynamic make-up proposal for our days. Specifically, therefore, two alternatives appear before us:

  • A nude make-up, designed to emphasize the most authentic and natural part of ourselves;
  • A make-up with a strong character, which is perfect to make room for our more playfully vain side.

In choosing the trend to indulge, much depends on our tastes and which version of ourselves we prefer. In both cases, there is ample room for experimentation and fusion of elements belonging to different contexts, capable of surprising and exciting. This is how next to a complexion that borders on perfection, created by enhancing our uniqueness and that makes us forget the mask effect, we can find a strong eye makeup. The latter draws its strength from the particular combination of glitter and bright colors, from warm shades, which are connected to the power of the coming season: summer.

Bright skin and a touch of color without forgetting the quality

Red, green with the addition of rhinestones or even a stretch of eye-liner that deliberately recalls the retro charm of the famous femme fatale of the past: also the chromatic possibilities for summer 2020 are endless, but all are based on the choice objective of make-up products of extreme quality.

One of the most recommended examples is the Diorskin Forever Fluide foundation, which is characterized by its long-lasting hold and the formula that arises thanks to the integration of carefully selected curative ingredients. A covering fluid, created to bring natural beauty to light   and available in a double version, depending on whether you want a velvety matte finish or an illuminant.

If instead we want to focus on eye makeup, then a product that can become a great ally is given by the Dior Backstage Eye Palette. This solution is ideal for both natural looks and bold make-up. In addition, the palette ensures a professional result, combining in a single article bright and matte shades able to satisfy every type of complexion.

In short, following the advice of the experts and opting for tricks of the best brands, it will be possible to reach summer with a perfect and, at the same time, trendy make-up.

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