Styling Tricks To Hide The Extra Kilos

There is another slope that has nothing to do with the economy: the slope in which weight has been gained after the excesses of holidays. The advisor of image, brand and personal communication, Paz Herrera proposes styling tricks to disguise the “extra pounds” while still looking perfect.

January is considered by many to be the month of the year in which more weight is gained. In addition to being the month in which Christmas and its excesses are over, it is the beginning of the year and coincides with the coldest winter seasons. The sum of these factors makes the month of January in which the metabolism slows down naturally, contributing to lead a more sedentary life and burn fewer calories.

If you go back to your usual routine and diet and exercise, there’s no reason to worry: getting back to the desired weight is a matter of time. While this is happening, Paz Herrera Studio proposes several styling tricks that not only disguise excess weight, but also focus on favoring those who wear them, making them feel better and more confident with themselves.

Dismantling Style Myths

Styling Tricks

Carrying Large Sizes Does Not Disguise

Contrary to what one might think, wearing clothes of a larger size does not favor. It tends to be believed that wider clothing conceals unwanted curves, however, a garment that remains large produces the opposite effect making the figure look more voluminous.

Always Wear Black

While it is true that the black color reduces the volume in the visual perception, it is also true that there is a whole range of dark colors that cause the same effect without the need to always fall into a sad monochrome. There is a color that favors each person as well as reflecting their mood at each moment. The best thing is not to be locked in a single color.

Know The Best and Worst Of Each Figure

There is no better way to take advantage of the personal image than knowing your own body. Everyone has something that makes him unique and in physical matters, the same thing happens. Have nice arms or stylized legs, be taller or shorter, have an elegant neck or pretty eyes etc. In order to find the garment that best feels, the body should be observed and what is needed.

Styling Tricks

If what you want is to disguise the parts of the body that are least favorable to you, there are a series of basic tricks that Paz Herrera shows:

  1. Take advantage of the oversize trend: It’s not about wearing clothes of more size, but to use loose garments that are also trend in 2018. Coconut-type coats, ponchos or rounded jackets help to conceal excessive curves so that the person feels more comfortable. The ideal is to combine it with other tighter garments such as skinny pants or tube skirts.
  2. Bell pants and high heels: Besides being fashionable, this type of pants gets thin legs and disguise the cartridge and belly. Combined with a little heel they have the effect of styling and growing a few centimeters in height.
  3. Striking accessories: Choosing the right accessories you can focus on other points of the personal image and disguise a figure that you do not want. The large accessories and bright colors will give a touch of color and joy to the cold winter and, in addition, are practical.

Styling Tricks

Paz Herrera, besides being a consultant in personal image, remarks, that the most important thing in any case is to be true to oneself, to feel safe and natural in the way of dressing and showing oneself to others.

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