Styles of shoes you can wear from the office to happy hour and other tips …

Shoes … That vital complement of each outfit and that obsesses us so much to women, that we can never have enough, because we always want more … There are so many styles: high, low, in fabric, leather, patterned, unicoloured, casual, elegant, of so many different shades … There are simply too many options!

However, as the enterprising women we are, we will be familiar with the word “budget,” because having our own business sometimes we cannot afford to waste a lot of money on garments no matter how much we want to do it, and we must give priority to others. Things. Never mind the style! That’s why today I want to teach you different styles of super versatile shoes and how you can optimize them to the maximum so that you can take them from the work environment to the casual and never see output tone.

Styles of shoesThere are many styles with which it is easy to play and you can transform from a more formal outfit to a more relaxed one. One of the most popular and trendy styles of this season are the booties, that although they are a super classic style and that never goes out of fashion, they are stepping on the runways of this 2018 with variations such as embroidery, taches and perforations; giving them that extra cute, feminine and different. The boots are friends of all the look and come in many styles: with heel or without it, in leather or suede, with straps or ties that give that extra touch or simple and sober. They are so versatile that they look beautiful with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts. You can combine them with whatever you want and use them at any time of the day.

Another style you’ll find in all fashion magazines and catwalks are the famous pumps, those timeless shoes that define the word elegance perfectly. The pumps are those that are closed on the sides but that expose the upper part of the foot, giving the feeling that your legs are much longer and more stylized.

Styles of shoes

They can have heels of different heights, with the round or thin tip, a loop around the ankle -which steals the spotlight this season- or an opening to the front that lets your fingers see a little bit also known as peep toe, so with so much Variety will not be difficult to find a style that you like. Like the booties there are many different shades and textures in the range of the pumps, which makes them perfect to complete any outfit no matter what time you want to use them or the occasion.

Shoes like pumps and ankle boots are super easy to optimize so you can turn your look and take it from the office to a dinner at night or until happy hour; In addition to shoes today I want to share other tips on how to make this transition without having to try too hard!

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Styles of shoes

1) Change your bag: It seems something too simple, right? But the truth is that a bag that is too big may be necessary to carry everything you need in a working day -laptop, agenda, files, etc.-, however, if you decide to relax at night and go out for a drink with friends or colleagues of work, changing your tote bag for a clutch with style, will give you a much more relaxed and uncomplicated air. The best of all is that any type of shoes will look great with an envelope, as this will only be a complement to your outfit.

2) Use garments in basic colors: Wear garments in dark shades, white or gray, create a perfect canvas to play with accessories such as scarves or maxicollares; this will add freshness to your look and give you a more youthful air.

Styles of shoes

3) Eliminate the blazer: If you decide to go to work with a pair of pants, a smart blouse, a blazer and some pumps, eliminate the blazer when you go to happy hour! Automatically you will remove that accessory that although it is beautiful, it is also a bit corporate. Keep some pumps with a bow or ankle strap that besides being super comfortable -for they will give you more balance- they look super chic and have a lot of style.

4) Change some garments: Replacing a pair of pants or an elegant skirt with a pair of jeans will help you turn your outfit into a more casual one. The jeans are beautiful with all kinds of shoes: high or low, of any material and in any key.

5) Play with additional clothes: Add items such as vests or jackets to a formal outfit, almost magically transform it into a fun and jovial. In addition to being super chic, they come in many styles such as leather, jean, sequins or prints. Combine them with booties in leather or with a cute and feminine embroidery.

Styles of shoes

6) Make up: They say that makeup can do wonders, and I agree! Add a little color to your face with a lipstick in a strong tone or a touch of blush can highlight your features and look more cheerful and active. Everything in moderation, remember that what you want is to highlight your natural beauty.

With these tips you can see yourself beautiful both in the office and in your extra-work activities, and they are so easy to use that you will only need a little touch without having to modify all your outfit from head to toe. Let your shoes and accessories do their job!

And you already have any of these styles in your closet? Tell me if you love them as much as I do and how you would combine them.

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