Sprimo launches its new intelligent purifier to control air quality at home

Spring is one of the most difficult times when dealing with the environment is all about. Allergies, suspended particles, changing time even inside our homes can play tricks, something we can avoid at least in part using a purifier.

In addition, the new generation of these devices, not well known by many users, is characterized as so many other home appliances are now connected to the networksmartphone through, in order to offer more features and greater comfort.

And in this line we can focus one of the most interesting proposals that promise to market as is what makes Sprimo, which and through Crowdfunding seek to offer a much more efficient than those found today purifier.

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Innovative design

The first thing that strikes us is the aspect of circular shape and with an aluminum base, which gives a weight of just over 3 kilos and can be tilted up or sideways. A striking way, not in vain its guidelines have been the work of Dan Harden, who has designed products like Google Chromecast.

Sprimo provides connectivity for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, and works on a specifically developed Linux version. For measurements have a particle sensor (PM2.5) and a sensor carbon dioxide, as well as sensors for volatile organic compounds (VOC), moisture and temperature.

A project of crowdfunding that unlike other alternatives on the market that can provide that kind of particles have the air of our home and use specific filters to eliminate warning even when it would need to be replaced and how many days of life that It is remaining on the filter before having to change it. In this respect also from the company notified that we can send used filters for recycling.

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Operation within everyone’s reach

The operation is very simple and is based on the use of colors. If the light is blue, the air quality will be very good, if it is yellow; it is optimal and if there are deficiencies in red air quality. In addition, to carry out this measurement will use a scale of 1 to 100 we can see in the central LED screen.

Price and Availability

The price of this purifier Sprimo is $319, with a supplementary cost of $59 in case you want to acquire or change the filter. A price has dropped from the initial $369 for a product that is expected to arrive in February 2017 if funding brings the capital they have established as necessary $250,000. Visit http://sookiesookieboutique.com/ for more tips and ideas.

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