What not to buy used!

In the midst of a period of crisis, it is very advantageous to reuse everything and surrender to buying used. And nowadays it is easy to find sites that sell products already in use or even facebook groups buying and selling. But the truth is that some items should receive special attention, and so today we’ll show you what not to buy used. After all the idea is to save yes, but there are things that can bring risks and a lot of headaches.


This is an easy item to be found in online communities, but perhaps this is the kind of “stuck buying / trap”.

The shoe tends to adapt to the feet, and so the piece can already have the shape of the feet of the former (a) the owner (a). If this has happened, it may even be that the number be great, but with the use of the shoe is possible that the piece does not fit well to your feet and you face serious aches and pains.

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Whether the item is to classicists or bikers, the helmet used is not indicated anything.

The used item is not indicated, it is not known your entire history. If the part has been through an accident it is likely that it has been damaged, and even if not apparent externally. Protection can be compromised and not guarantee your safety, so it is best to save a little more and buy a new helmet.


A good night’s sleep is guaranteed a good day; and a used mattress can end your night and column. After the item has a lifetime (about 10 years) and will be shaping the former owner of the body, so if the piece has been used for many years is likely that the new owner does not “fit” into the mattress and start to feel the discomfort of a sleepless night.

Another fact that makes not indicated buying used mattress, is in relation to the proliferation of fungi, bacteria and even bedbugs. The item can be a source of proliferation of numerous micro-organisms, and even become an enemy to the allergenic, so that the inside is not infested with bedbugs and become a risk the house.

Home appliances

If you chose to buy that cleaner used the neighbor rethink that possibility. Electro may already be out of warranty, and any repairs can be costly, making the use more expensive than the new, or as my grandmother would say “leaving the most expensive sauce the fish.”

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Computers / laptops

Upgrading technology is so fast that buying a used model may leave you behind; but this is not the biggest problem!

The risk of buying note or computer use is in fact the item have a program installed by the previous owner that may steal your data, such as passwords, and yes it will be a big headache.


You know that phrase “we are what you eat”?

It can adapt very well to those who buy used pans. As much as the utensils appear in excellent condition, there may be some slot you have not seen and this will leave the metal exposed to the food, so you run the risk of ingesting small metal doses, which are highly damaging to health.

Besides, you never know what the real utility of the item, and you do not want to risk prepare your meals in one piece so it is not !?

Tire car

All though this is a more expensive item and it can be very advantageous to resort to buying used tires, but the truth is that this is a great risk to his life. If you are not an expert in the subject, you will hardly notice points that can bring danger to vehicle stability.

Moreover, models retreaded are also very risky, after heating to that friction is caused between the track / asphalt with the tire, the rubber can go loosening and even cause an accident.

Now that you know what not to buy used, is up to you decide to purchase, but the hint is given, after all often worth spending a little more and avoid any headache.

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