Guide to the best types of backpacks on the market

The backpack, the inseparable everyday companion, has now become an accessory that you just can’t do without.

In its many shapes and sizes, the backpack is always ready to satisfy every type of need, be it a hike in the mountains, a short trip. The need to always have a PC or books at hand to bring to the faculty and, why not, a work tool for professionals or simple photography enthusiasts. Many uses and therefore many models, but all backpacks have one feature in common. They must be comfortable to wear, without causing damage, discomfort, or fatigue to the back.

If you are thinking of buying a backpack, you will probably have a thousand doubts. And will be looking for as much information as possible. Precisely for this reason, we wanted to collect everything that can help you and direct you to the right choice for you.

Types of backpacks

We said that there is a backpack for every need, the types on the market range from the most common uses, such as carrying books, to more specific uses such as the trekking backpack, designed for long walks in the mountains, or as the photographic backpack that must be designed to accommodate the camera and all the accessories connected to it.

But let’s see better, and specifically, the types of backpacks on the market.

Trekking or Hiking Backpack

This backpack is designed to accompany you during long walks in the mountains. It can be of variable size, more or less large depending on the excursion time, it is equipped with several external pockets where you can put everything you need to keep close at hand (hooks, small tools, laces …). Laterally it always has two compartments, usually in a net, where to put water bottles. The internal compartment can be divided into two portions, accessible independently. The dimensions which, in any case, are larger than the average, obligatorily include belts at the level of the chest and waist that unload the weight relieving the fatigue on the back. The larger models are equipped with a compartment to house the sleeping bag for any overnight stops.

Thermal backpacktypes of backpacks

This type of backpack is mostly used for short outings or camping trips. The dimensions are not very large, despite having appreciable capabilities. They are made of insulating materials that allow you to keep the temperature constant inside, based on what you insert. There is a main compartment and some front or side pockets. Some models are equipped with a pocket or bottle holder.

PC / notebook backpack

It is the backpack suitable for those who want to always have the PC with them to have access to all its features at all times. It is a compact backpack, which we could define as minimal, without too many compartments or external pockets. But with a large and soft internal pocket suitable for containing the notebook and held by a belt (usually with a hook and loop closure). Inside there are small pockets for storing papers, personal or business documents, mobile phones, pens, small accessories.

Travel backpacktypes of backpacks

The travel backpack has a clean line and is definitely the most elegant of the backpacks. It is usually equipped with long zips and is suitable, for weight and size, for travel by plane as hand luggage to take with you. There will be no large external pockets, but small slots with concealed zip (or in any case not very visible) where you can store small things or personal documents. Some models are equipped with small wheels and a retractable handle. So as to make it practical as a trolley suitcase.

Bike or mtb backpack

This backpack differs from the previous ones for its particular shape that adheres perfectly to the back. And for the laces at the waist and chest that allow perfect stability of the accessory. When worn, the bike or mtb backpack must move as little as possible so as not to cause loss of balance. The dimensions are obviously small as well as the capacity. However, there are many small compartments and easily accessible external pockets.

Motorcycle backpacktypes of backpacks

Very similar to the bike backpack, the motorcycle backpack differs in one detail: The backrest provides greater protection capable of absorbing shocks.

Photographic backpack

It is a backpack designed for photography professionals. It must be robust, practical, safe and above all, it must be comfortable. All parts of the camera are housed inside it and every accessory must therefore be protected from shocks. The quality of the padding is therefore fundamental, which must cushion the blows. It must also be safe when opening, the accessories must not run the risk of falling but must be firmly inside. Different versions are available, classic backpack with two shoulder straps. Single shoulder, with reverse openings (that is, it opens inwards instead of outwards). Or trolley version, with a retractable handle and comfortable wheels.

Emergency (or First Aid) Backpack

Thermal backpack As the name implies, this backpack is meant to hold first aid material. Inside there are several transparent compartments. So as to facilitate the identification of what is contained, where you can comfortably insert the sanitary materials.

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