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Thoughtful Gift Ideas for a DIY Advent Calendar for Him

Every year, advent calendars are on the top of the best Christmas presents, as there is no better way to count down the days to Christmas than with such a thoughtful gift. Some people even walk an extra mile and make such an advent calendar themselves, with personalized presents for their loved ones. Making one for a man always seems like a challenging task, but with our gift ideas, you can rest assured that your advent calendar will be the best present he has ever received.

Coffee Samples

If your boyfriend or husband always starts his morning with a coffee, adding a selection of coffee samples to his advent calendar will definitely put a smile on his face. Not only that, but every morning he will open up one of the samples and enjoy a completely unique flavor of his favorite beverage. From bold and rich blends to delicate and fragrant ones, there is no shortage when it comes to the options that you can choose from for your DIY advent calendar. Apart from the classic favors, there are some intricate ones such as Cinnamon Roll, Glazed Donut, or Vanilla Pumpkin Spice that both of you will be eager to try.

Irish Flat Cap

Adding a headpiece to a winter advent calendar is a great way of showing your significant other that you care about him. An Irish flat cap is a classic and stylish accessory that is a statement piece in any outfit. Whether your boyfriend is a fashion enthusiast who appreciates vintage trends or a guy who simply wants to elevate his everyday look, this excellent cap is guaranteed to make him stand out in any crowd. You can find a rich selection of Irish caps online at, so choose the right one for him and add it to your advent calendar.

Monogrammed Wallet

Wallets make great Christmas presents and ones that definitely deserve a place in your DIY project. This is the type of present that you know for a fact won’t end up forgotten somewhere in the back of a drawer. Since the wallet will be carried around and used every single day, make sure it is made of really high-quality leather that won’t show any signs of wear and tear over time. To make this present even more special, personalize it with a monogram. This way, not only will it keep his essentials like cash and cards organized, but it will also add a touch of sophistication to your man’s everyday style.

Perfume Samples

If you don’t know your boyfriend’s favorite scent or if he hasn’t discovered his unique fragrance yet, getting him a set of perfume samples is a great idea. This fantastic addition to your calendar will allow him to explore different scents, regardless if he prefers something woody and masculine or fresh and citrusy. Plus, thanks to the convenient small size, these perfumes can easily be carried in a bag or used when traveling, for example when going on a Christmas trip or on business meetings where he wants to make an impression.

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