How to shop safely online

It is becoming more usual to buy online. You do not see yet clear though. You have no security, nor know if there are risks. And as the saying better known evil says… Well in this post I hope to help clear those clouds. I’ll give you a list of tips for shopping online does not be afraid.

Shopping Online
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Shopping online has advantages and some risks

The advantages

  • Comfort
  • You can search and compare without going through a lot of business.
  • Get best deals
  • It’s fast
  • They bring it home
  • If you do not like it you can return
  • If dates are special Christmas discounts do not go through the lines and waiting.

Moreover you have to always be careful not to take risks and avoid headaches.

I’ve already talked about cyber criminals and their tricks.

If you follow these tips sure that soon will dominate the scene in shopping on-line.

Before buying online

  1. Make sure you always keep your operating system updated

Normally the automatic update feature is activated, but just in case checks this option, since the operating systems are updated as security problems are discovered in them.

  1. Of course having your antivirus and anti-spyware installed and updated

The tools to protect your computer, there are very good and free tools available…

  1. Using Firewalls (Firewall)

Win XP, Win Vista and Win 7 and include its own free Firewall and has been improving with each version.

  1. Be wary of emails with great offers and special discounts

Especially if you have not asked for anything, if you have not registered on pages to receive offers, if the mail is from an unknown, remember this

“Cheap, is expensive!”.

And you made ​​the decision to shop online then

Very important

  1. Do not make purchases online from a PC or from outside an open WiFi network

Never in cafes, libraries or similar sites, ever since the wireless networks of establishments that provide this service to their customers because they could jeopardize your bank or financial data.

To go through experience I recommend buying known and trusted as they could be eBay, Amazon sites etc…

You can also buy in other place … but make clear who is behind the page where you want to buy, the company or person you inspire confidence.

  1. Find out who you’re dealing

Anyone (you know the good or bad) could create virtual store under any name.

Check contact details be sure to ask questions and solve problems.

If you’re browsing and suddenly you seek your financial data online or via email do not answer the mail or you click on any links.

Companies selling online legitimately ask you not personal or financial information through these means.

  1. Make sure the product you’re buying

Read carefully the product description. Check the fine print to make sure the status of the product you’re buying letter.

Be very clear the final cost

Some companies include the cost of shipping, handling etc… In the price and others add it at the end when you decided the purchase, this tends to vary the price you think you’re going to pay for the products.

Do not buy in places where the payment is doing not send cash money transfers.

Check what the return policies are, cancellations shopping, delivery dates and forms

If at the end when you get the product you choose is not on your satisfaction, you can return the item and you reintegrate the money?

If I return the product who will pay the shipping costs?

You can find out how is your shipment?

In many places you get a code to track your order, to control the estimated delivery date.

Last call for embarking and buy online!

Okay, you, find your offer, you verified everything and decide to buy


  1. Before making the payment makes sure the site is a secure site


In the address bar you will have to see a closed padlock and before the web address stands https instead of the usual http the s at the end indicates a secure site.

  1. Use credit or debit card

Assorted in the bank has issued you about their anti-fraud plans is better than the card you are using has a low credit limit, there are even cards that only serve to buy by  Internet.

  1. Just in case … check your account regularly

If you notice that there are some strange transaction contact your bank to stop payment and that you change the number of your card.

All of these tips are what keep myself (I buy a lot online and never had problems).

They are also those who give to my students, friends and family. I hope you become an online buyer, but the act with caution.

Enjoy shopping online!

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