Difference between Tempered Glass and Gel Screen Protector

When choosing a screen protector for our devices, which is better? The gel screen protector or tempered glass? We will talk in this post about their differences and analyze other protectors such as plastic ones.

The use of mobile phones and tablets is massive. According to the latest figures, a person uses his device an average of two hours a day. In very young people, this consumption can even reach 4 hours.

So it is even logical that smartphones and tablets may suffer blows. Blow that breaks the screen is something undesirable because it is the most important fault that can suffer and the most expensive to solve.

On the other hand, if you have the precaution of having a screen protector, you will feel even relieved if you get hit. We don’t need to tell you that screen protector also safeguard them from all kinds of scratches or scratches.

Gel screen protector vs Tempered glass

In the market, there are several types of screen protectors and in this post we have proposed to analyze them so that you have the best information when buying. Let’s start with this analysis.

About the gel screen protector

The gel screen protector is still widely used to protect both Apple and Samsung brand phones, the most expensive brands on the market. Keep in mind that the gel screen protector has a couple of defects that we cannot ignore.

The first thing we want to highlight is that when you run your fingers over this type of mobile screen protector, these are marked, leaving a very visible signal. In other types of protectors, this does not happen. Everything is due to the gel itself.

We also want to highlight as the second most important defect is that the gel screen protector is somewhat unpleasant to the touch.

If you have already had one of them, you will have noticed that it has a slightly lumpy appearance that makes the touch with the screen not adequate. We must also recognize that they are effective in the event of a fall or any other blow. Keep reading how to remove screen protector.

Tempered glass screen protector

Of these protectors, we must say that they are effective in case of scratches or scratches. But they are not so much in case of blows.

One of the big drawbacks you can find is that they are very difficult to place. It is not strange to observe that small bubbles are always made, which makes the visibility of the screen itself quite bad.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that they usually detach from the screen as usual. This is because they take a lot of dust from the environment.

The only advantage we can find in this type of mobile device protectors is that they are very cheap. Possibly the cheapest in the market. Although we must bear in mind that other protectors offer many more advantages for a little more price. But you will avoid all the inconveniences that we have just mentioned.

Advantages of tempered glass screen protector

In front of the gel and plastic screen protectors, we find the tempered glass ones that we can already say are the best sellers.

They offer great resistance to shocks. It has been proven that they are the most effective and also protect the screen from all types of scratches and scratches.

The truth is that tempered glass is used. One of the most resistant materials on the market and that are being used in various production processes such as that of household appliances.

Imagine that many doors of the current furnaces are made of tempered glass, capable of withstanding very high temperatures.

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Another fact that you should keep in mind is that its placement is very simple. Just wipe a dry cloth over the original screen and remove the dust. There will be no bubbles and once set. It will never come off.

The evolution in mobile screen protectors

We will not find protectors that cover the entire screen in both the gel and plastic screen protectors.

With tempered glass, this does not happen because you can already find the full tempered glass screen protector, which covers the entire surface and even adapts to curved screens.

Of course, if you have bought the latest generation iPhone is the option, the tempered glass that you should take into account.

Together with its resistance to all types of blows, the touch is the same as if you did not wear protection. This is another of the big differences regarding the gel or plastic screen protector.

This is all we wanted to tell you about the differences you can find between a gel screen protector and a tempered glass protector. We have also analyzed the plastic protectors here. It should be noted that tempered glass is being imposed on the protection of mobile phones and tablets.

What kind of screen protector have you placed and why? Tell us in the comments section.


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