Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Dad Smile

This year, Father’s Day is celebrated on May 14th, and it is the perfect occasion for you to show your father how much you love and appreciate him. Finding the right present for him might be hard, as fathers are usually pretty untalkative when it comes to things that they like or want. In case your father is the same and you’ve already browsed through all the Father’s Day gift guides and didn’t find anything to your liking, this article is for you: here are a few universal present ideas that every dad is sure to love.

Camping gear

Have you ever noticed how the older they get, the more time dads tend to spend outside, in nature? Going camping has never been my father’s hobby, but over the last few years he takes at least four to five weekend trips every summer. If your father enjoys the same things, camping gear makes a great gift idea. Things like a new sleeping bag, a tent, or a mini stove will help your dad have the perfect time when going camping. Waterproof hiking boots are also a must, as you never know how unpredictable the weather can be, and these shoes will also protect his feet from any wetness or mud he might encounter during his hikes.

Knit cardigan

Most fathers aren’t fans of shopping and once they find a comfortable t-shirt or pair of pants, they tend to wear it for so many years that you always wonder how the clothes are still in such a good condition. This holiday, get your father a nice knit Irish cardigan made of luxurious merino wool: it is soft, comfortable, and practical, so that it can be worn for any occasion, formal or not. For the dads that like a classy design, the traditional V-neck cardigan is the safest bet, while the knit garment with a zipper is sure to be to the liking of someone with a more sporty lifestyle. Regardless of the design that you choose, an Irish cardigan for your dad as these from Keilys is the perfect Father’s day gift idea. Moreover, merino wool is sturdy and resistant, which means that your dad will use his cardigan for many years to come without it losing its original high-quality.

Grill set

As we all know, fathers seem to be obsessed with grills and the idea of cooking meat their own way, which they claim to be the best method in the neighborhood, which makes BBQ grill sets another excellent Father’s day gift idea. Make sure to choose a high-quality set that is equipped with all the tools he might need to make a delicious brisket or grill some steaks. Depending on your budget, you can find pricey professional sets with up to 20 pieces, made of stainless steel and with wooden handles, or you can also choose a smaller, but just as good set that is perfect for a family grill. Not only is this present practical, but it also shows that you care about your father’s hobbies and it can give you an additional opportunity to bond as a family over some delicious meat cuts that he prepares.

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