All you need to know to buy abroad safely

Throughout 2015, more than 60% of peoples have made ​​online purchases abroad, a figure slightly exceeds the world average. In addition to fast and convenient it is to shop from home, we tend to look primarily related to electronics and clothing in countries like China or the United Kingdom for items for our pocket savings that entails.

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Although this figure is increasing, there are still people who distrust or have doubts when making purchases online. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we show you everything you need to know to buy abroad safely.

Considerations to keep in mind when buying abroad

Is it really profitable to buy certain items abroad? In general, yes. Because certain taxes are lower in other countries, an increasing number of people buying online abroad is higher. The problem is that unless we take into account different factors before making the purchase, may in the end have to pay more than expected.

One of the most widespread beliefs, for example, that an item purchased in the US for $ 300, is sold in Europe for € 300 instead of about 254 €, because the seller plays with the Exchange to make a profit higher. However, the reality is very different. That price increase is due to the various taxes and import tariffs.

When buying abroad, sometimes the buyer will face customs payments or receive your package. Such payments are applied only when we received packages from outside the US, because it is not necessary to pay taxes or tariffs in trade between the member countries. In transactions between individuals, it should only pay VAT and duty to the US (2.5% of the declared value) of the goods exceeding the $50.

If you are someone who usually buy digital products such as music, books or video games, you may have noticed that since last January 1 comes as no longer profitable to buy in shops in other countries. The USA has created this new fee in order to regulate the collection of the VAT tax on all digital products and services applying in the country of the buyer and not the seller. This approach is intended to prevent unfair competition and increase revenue in member countries.

Buy cheap but safe

One of the most popular places to buy abroad is the eBay online auction site. Both eBay and other online stores, we always make sure to inform us about the shipping details to find out if we may charge taxes and duties. Also, please read the comments of other users to know if the seller or the store are trusted, and for details on the quality of the products.

When selecting a payment method, it is always better to opt for services like PayPal or cards and virtual wallets which offer most of the banks and, rather than use our account number or credit card. Although usually we usually buy in one store is not recommended to leave it stored in our payment information for future purchases. It would not be the first time that the safety of this type of compromising the personal information of service users is violated.

Several aspects to take into account when buying abroad electronics are voltage, plug, keypad, language and warranty. It is not uncommon to find such products without adapters that allow us to connect to our country. As also important warranty information and opt for products that, in case of breakdown, we will not send abroad for repair.

Finally, no less important is information about the return policy of the different online shops. There are a number of eBay sellers and shops mainly from China, we ensure low prices because most of the time we will not have to pay shipping or customs. The problems come when a deadline after which easily surpasses the month, the item arrives in bad condition or simply fails and must make a claim.

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