10 Useful and Practical Tips for buying online

Change of mentality... Shopping online is convenient and safe.

Always use a secure Internet connection and trustworthy. Avoid buying in booths or wireless zones open to the public and installs on your computer for a virus to avoid shocks.

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Buy websites of real companies. Find out about the reputation of the website from which you are buying. Take time to read other users who have already made ​​purchases on the website.

If prices are too low suspicious. Never do click advertising offers that appear on the computer screen or come to your e-mail if the recipient does not know or have never bought on its website.

Before making any purchase search and review basic information such as shipping, purchasing conditions, privacy policy, returns and delivery.

Use only the personal data strictly required and necessary for the purchase and delivery of properly.

If you register as a user attempts to use a password composed of letters and numbers and do not share it with anyone. Avoid easy to find names, birth dates and anniversaries.

Check the web address of the payment window starts with https: // .If you do not want to share with anybody card numbers open a PayPal account. If you pay by debit or credit checks same movements to ensure that the payment was successful.

Always print a copy of the invoices and proof of payment of your order and keep them in a safe place.

When you receive your purchase checks that everything is always in perfect condition and if it is not claimed within the deadline can return the product. You are within your rights and help detect errors in sending as the company improves.

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