10 tips to do your Christmas shopping

The month of December arrives and with it the time to make purchases of Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Learn to save during this complicated time, following this series of tips.

While the end of the year parties are moments of enjoyment and revelry, they are also periods in which expenses skyrocket. Although it is inevitable that your pocket suffers a bit with gifts for your loved ones, there are ways to save to take care of your financial health for the summer.

Christmas Shopping
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Here we present 10 tips to make your Christmas shopping …

1. Make a list

Before throwing yourself wildly at the mall, make a list of the people to whom you will give them the gifts, specifying if you already have any idea of a particular gift.

2. Stagger your purchases

Divide your purchases every week of the month to take better control of your expenses.

3. Set a limit

Once you have clear whom you are going to give and what kind of gifts you will buy, establish a spending limit.

4. Compare prices

Compare price and quality of the products you plan to buy.

5. Take advantage of offers and discounts

During this time of the year, it is common for shopping centers and large stores to organize days of discounts and American fairs.

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6. Organize an “invisible friend”

A good way to save on your Christmas shopping is to organize an “invisible friend” among your family or coworkers. In this way, everyone will get at least a good gift.

7. Use the internet

Do not forget to review the offers that appear on the web since they are often better than those of the stores.

8. Use coupons

Take advantage of discount coupons published by newspapers and magazines during this time of year.

9. Limit the use of credit cards

Do not overdo the use of credit cards to avoid getting into debt next year. Pay as much as you can in cash.

10. Do not want what you cannot pay

It is important that you do not get carried away by consumerism and that you are very clear about your economic limitations during the holidays.

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