Shiny nails without polish: here’s how!


Would you like to have shiny and well-groomed nails but, for professional reasons or particular allergies, you cannot use industrial products? In this article, you will find many tips to have shiny nails without polish, in a natural, ecological, and above all economic way.

Many users have written to me to ask me how to show off a perfect manicure, but without using polishing enamels as they work in the field of food administration, meal preparation, or childcare.

Here is the answer to their and your questions!

Shiny nails without polish: olive oil

Olive oil, in addition to being nourishing and moisturizing, also has a polishing action both by virtue of its composition and because it is a real panacea for the nail surface as it makes it stronger, beautiful and naturally shiny.

File your nails carefully giving them the desired length and drop a few drops of extra virgin olive oil by massaging until completely absorbed. And don’t forget to treat your cuticles as well and apply a good moisturizer to the skin of your hands.

By dedicating a few minutes a day to this simple procedure, you will immediately have shiny nails without having to apply nail polish!

Alternatively, you can also use other oils such as argan or almond oils.

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4- or 6-step file: and your nails natural shine!Shiny nails

If you don’t want to apply oils or greases on your nails you can always use a 4 or 6 step file. The final section, in fact, is very smooth and gently rubbed on the nails polishes them giving the effect of having applied a topcoat or a transparent polish.

To use it in the best way, follow the steps we have indicated in this tutorial and you too can have a perfect and brilliant manicure without using specific products!

Japanese manicure:

Thanks to the Detto Fatto tutorial, Japanese manicure has become very popular and is spreading also in Italy. You can purchase a kit online through nail care stores or look for a salon near your home that performs this treatment.

This particular care, based on plant waxes and powders, polishes the nails using a special suede file and deeply nourishes them, giving them a new appearance. Also ideal for men, it is the ideal solution to give yourself a little cuddle and to give yourself a gift!

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