Seven yogurt recipes for gourmets who want to eat healthier

Yogurt is a very nutritious and very helpful for cooking without losing sight of health ingredient therefore today for gourmands who want to eat healthier, we leave seven recipes with yogurt with best nutrients without excess calories.

Healthy Recipes
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With the help of our colleagues we have selected the following choices of dishes sweet that not only provide calories but also good nutrients that quench and nourish the body:

  • Comprehensive cake yogurt and agave syrup: A good choice for foodies who want to eat healthier, it contains a high proportion of fiber, calcium, protein quality and free of empty calories natural sugars.
  • Light strawberry pie and Greek yogurt: For breakfast or tea time, this light cake that contains yogurt and strawberries can be ideal because it provides fiber, calcium, protein and vitamin A quality without a lot of calories, fats and sugars.
  • Frozen yogurt, if you’re a sweet cream lover and cannot stop eating even in winter, this recipe is for you, for using only Greek yogurt and honey can achieve this tasty and creamy ice cream that unlike others, has more protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium.
  • Yogurt cups and pink gelatin: A good alternative for dessert which primarily provides protein, but also gives a mixture of textures with sweet and fruity flavor. Preparation rich in water, sugar lightly and gently to soothe temptation.
  • Jingles yogurt cake: A simple preparation to accompany morning coffee or eat during snack that without lots of sugar can quench our desire for something sweet. Yogurt offered their texture and flavor, besides its quality protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins.
  • Strawberry cake and yogurt: Can be made ​​with other fruits, but this alternative combines vitamin C, calcium, vitamin D, potassium and fiber with very little fat and sugar. Ideal as a dessert or to accompany a tea for a snack.
  • Poles of yogurt and blueberries: Choice of easy ice realizes that it can be totally free of sugar sweeten sweetener if therefore ideal for diabetics’ sweet tooth looking to eat healthier.

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You know, the candy can also be healthy, you only must choose ingredients that not only provide calories but also good nutrients for the body, because that way, healthier and equally tasty dishes are achieved.

The yogurt can help you achieve as has been demonstrated by these seven ideal recipes for gourmets who want to eat healthier.

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