Sepia in your makeup? Giorgio Armani bet on it

Makeup collections for spring are usually quite colorful, lacking pink, blue or green that take us to a more colorful, joyful and intense season. But what we found when a collection is inspired by the sepia?

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The new collection of Giorgio Armani for next spring will be called Sepia that tone with which permeated many old photograph. So we find warm, brown and beige tones. Surely many of you will think that these colors will appear dull and unflattering (where it is a good red!) But I can assure you that once you discover you start to look out for much more in them, get highlight the features of a very natural way, light eyes intensify, smile whitening and the result is very elegant.

The first product is designed to improve skin, seal the makeup or simply improve the tone. This is the Sepia Palette, a compact mixing two shades like beige and brown .The result is a natural color that suits all skin types, with pigments that provide a soft sepia touch with a subtle sheen.

The famous lipstick Rouge D’Armani enlarged family with three new shades a plum I’m sure it will be very flattering (604 Malbec) a nude beige according to the tone of our skin we can look good or do morticio effect (203 Sepia) and a reddish brown (204 Far Away).

The nails of course also go along the same lines, namely three new tones so at first glance not attract much attention all told, an orange-brown (201 New Mexico), a classic beige (200 Sepia) and a chocolate brown (202 Terra Bruna). I have not tried the nail seems that Armani but look good, at least I like the brush flat to the naked eye.

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