Ready-To-Cleanse: Givenchy’s New Cleansing Treatment

The skin suffers constant aggressions: makeup, pollution, excess sebum … These are factors that negatively affect your health and, therefore, your appearance. For this reason, eliminating all the impurities that accumulate on the skin during the day is essential to recover a fresh, luminous and soft complexion.

To make life easier for make-up addicts, Givenchy Laboratories have developed Ready-To-Cleanse, a new range of make-up and cleansing treatments. A total of four products that take care of our skin to the maximum and effectively eliminate all types of makeup, thus achieving a healthy face, full of life. A complete make-up ritual that adapts to all skin types.

Ready-To-Cleanse, Make-Up Remover Made By Givenchy


The formulas of the four products are enriched with extract of cactus flower, the prickly pear, a revolutionary ingredient that is capable of resisting the extreme conditions of the arid deserts in which it develops, to preserve and increase its natural luminosity. Thanks to this ingredient, the skin is fresh and purified, free of all impurities and contamination. In addition, it reflects the light better and is ready to receive the treatment products that we will use later.

Ready-To-Cleanse offers a different texture and sensory different for each of the 4 products of the collection, but all share a delicate, fresh and addictive fragrance that will make the cleaning ritual a moment of unique pleasure.

Ready-To-Cleanse Collection: Lait Démaquillant Fraîcheur


A very light milk that releases oils at the moment of its application, removing the makeup in a very soft way. The result is extraordinary because the skin is clean, bright, and without the slightest fat effect. In addition, it contains shea butter, an ingredient that nourishes the skin in depth.

Ready-To-Cleanse Collection: Crème En Gel Nettoyante


Crème en Gel Nettoyante offers a very smooth and effective cleaning. This gel, in contact with water, is transformed into a foam that removes impurities and traces of contamination that accumulate on the skin.

After application, the skin of the face looks much more pure and radiant, respecting the balance of the epidermis thanks to the presence of two surfactants and glycerin.

Ready-To-Cleanse Collection: Eau Micellaire Tonique


An all-in-one makeup remover that removes make-up with a single pass. It has a very pleasant aqueous texture that cleanses the skin in depth, respecting its balance and its properties.

Instantaneously after its application, the skin looks much fresher and with a softer texture. By using this product continuously, the skin becomes more luminous and flexible.

Ready-To-Cleanse Collection: Démaquillant Yeux Bi-Phase


A make-up remover for eyes, one of the most sensitive areas of the face. A new generation formula that combines a dry oil with ultra-cool water, offers a sensation of exquisite comfort to the face.

Eliminates all makeup in a simple way, even the most intense colors and shadows resistant to water, without leaving greasy effect. The skin is much cleaner and calmer; the eyelids take a clean and soft look.

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