What Equipment Do You Need for a Doggy Daycare?

If you’re considering starting a doggy daycare, you’ll need to equip your facility with the right tools and equipment to ensure the comfort, safety, and entertainment of the dogs in your care.

In this article, we will guide you through the essential equipment you need for a successful doggy daycare. From crates and bedding to toys and grooming supplies, we’ll cover everything you need to create a welcoming and engaging environment for our furry friends. Just to let you know, https://dogguides.xyz/ is the source of this article.

Crates and Kennels

Crates and kennels are essential for providing a safe and secure space for dogs to rest or relax. Choose sturdy, well-ventilated crates of different sizes to accommodate dogs of various breeds and sizes. Ensure that the crates are comfortable and have appropriate bedding for each dog.

Play Area Equipment

Create an engaging play area with a variety of equipment to keep the dogs entertained and active. Some essential play area equipment includes:

Agility Equipment

Agility equipment like tunnels, hurdles, ramps, and weave poles can provide mental stimulation and exercise for the dogs. Brands like Outward Hound and Affordable Agility offer a range of durable and safe agility equipment.

Interactive Toys

Introduce interactive toys such as puzzle toys, treat-dispensing toys, and Kong toys to keep the dogs mentally stimulated and entertained. Popular brands like Kong, Nina Ottosson, and West Paw offer a wide selection of interactive toys.

Play Structures

Install play structures like climbing frames, platforms, and slides to create an exciting and dynamic environment for the dogs. Look for sturdy, well-built play structures from reputable brands such as K9 Kennel Store and Lucky Dog.

Grooming Supplies

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is crucial in a doggy daycare. Invest in high-quality grooming supplies to ensure the dogs’ well-being. Some essential grooming supplies include:

Brushes and Combs

Choose brushes and combs suitable for different coat types to keep the dogs well-groomed and free from tangles or mats. Brands like FURminator, Hertzko, and Chris Christensen provide excellent grooming tools.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Use gentle and dog-specific shampoos and conditioners to keep the dogs’ coats clean and healthy. Brands like Earthbath, Isle of Dogs, and Burt’s Bees offer a range of natural and safe grooming products.

Nail Clippers and Grinders

Regularly trim the dogs’ nails to prevent overgrowth and discomfort. Invest in high-quality nail clippers or grinders from brands like Safari, Millers Forge, and Dremel for safe and efficient nail care.

Feeding and Watering Supplies

Proper nutrition and hydration are vital for the well-being of the dogs in your daycare. Equip your facility with the following feeding and watering supplies:

Food and Water Bowls

Choose sturdy and easily cleanable bowls made from stainless steel or BPA-free plastic. Provide separate bowls for each dog to avoid potential conflicts during mealtimes.

Elevated Feeding Stations

Consider using elevated feeding stations to promote better digestion and posture for the dogs, especially for larger breeds. Brands like Neater Feeder and PetFusion offer adjustable and ergonomic feeding stations.

Food Storage Containers

Store dog food in airtight containers to maintain freshness and prevent pests. Look for containers with sealable lids and convenient scoop holders for easy access and portion control.

Cleaning Supplies

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is essential for the health and well-being of the dogs in your care. Stock up on the following cleaning supplies:

Disinfectants and Cleaners

Choose pet-friendly disinfectants and cleaners to ensure effective sanitation without harming the dogs. Brands like Nature’s Miracle, Simple Green, and Odoban offer safe and efficient cleaning products.

Poop Bags and Dispensers

Have an ample supply of poop bags and dispensers readily available to clean up after the dogs during their playtime and bathroom breaks. Brands like Earth Rated and Bags on Board provide durable and eco-friendly options.

Mops, Brooms, and Vacuum Cleaners

Invest in reliable mops, brooms, and vacuum cleaners to maintain cleanliness throughout the daycare facility. Look for models that are durable, efficient, and suitable for pet hair removal.


Setting up a doggy daycare requires careful consideration of the equipment needed to provide a safe, stimulating, and comfortable environment for the dogs in your care. From crates and play area equipment to grooming supplies and cleaning tools, the right equipment ensures the well-being and happiness of the dogs. By investing in quality brands and creating a welcoming atmosphere, you can establish a reputable doggy daycare that pet owners trust and dogs love.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. How much space do I need for a doggy daycare?
  • The space required for a doggy daycare depends on the number and size of dogs you plan to accommodate. It’s recommended to have at least 75 square feet per dog for indoor space and an additional outdoor play area.
  1. Should I have separate play areas for different dog sizes?
  • Yes, it’s advisable to have separate play areas for small and large dogs to ensure their safety and prevent any potential conflicts.
  1. Can I offer grooming services at my doggy daycare?
  • Yes, providing grooming services can be a valuable addition to your doggy daycare. However, ensure that you have trained groomers and the necessary equipment to offer safe and quality grooming.
  1. How often should I clean the doggy daycare facility?
  • Regular cleaning is essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Daily cleaning and disinfection of play areas, crates, bedding, and grooming areas are recommended.
  1. Can I have webcams in my doggy daycare facility?
  • Installing webcams can provide added transparency and reassurance for pet owners. Make sure to inform your customers about the presence of webcams and ensure their privacy concerns are addressed.

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