Tips for camping with your dog

Many animal lovers would enjoy a holiday in the outdoors, camping in beautiful surroundings. And everything is nice if you have your 4-legged friend with you. What you should expect to prepare everything well? Read on!

1) Check the vaccinations, passport and local regulation

Each country has its own rules on vaccinations, the access requirements, passport and chip. So, make sure that you meet the requirements of the destination country, as well as those of all the countries you intend to cross.

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2) Find a suitable campsite

Obvious to say that you must choose a campsite where dogs are allowed, but you should also research other services on site. There is an area where your dog can cool off for example? There is enough space, there are play areas and you can go for walks along or around the camp? Try and book well in advance your ideal camping site, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3) Bring the right equipment

Dogs are not allowed to be off leash in most campgrounds, then get yourself a pole from the ground and an extra-long cord. And, since it will take a bit of time before your pet is suited to the new environment, it is a good idea to bring along some familiar elements, such as his basket and / or favorite blanket. Obviously you’ll also need enough food and lots of snacks. Also keep in mind that you will have hardly access to a refrigerator or freezer. If your dog, a bit ‘too fussed, is used to eating fresh raw meat, you should try an alternative well before the trip and allow your dog to get used slowly.

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4) Make sure the dog stays cool

Dogs cannot combat the heat as we do. Make sure it has access to a shelter from the sun, cool (in the shade of trees, for example) and there is always plenty of fresh water available, even while on the move. Always carry around bottles of water and its cup or alternative (nowadays sell very comfortable portable bowls just in case) and make regular stops to allow the dog to loosen up a bit muscles. Never leave your dog in the car on hot days, even with the window down. The heat can be really fatal.

5) Share your tent or caravan

Allow the dog to sleep as close to you as possible. Ideally it should have its own compartment to rest, or placed the basket in front of the tent next to you or in the caravan. Best not to let your dog sleep outside or in a separate tent, as this may make it stressed and insecure. You also more likely to lose it or it gets stolen by someone. To do so to get used to the tent, open it in the house and try a preview of your holiday fun!

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