Tips for buying your pet safely

If you buy or sell animals is important to know the rules, rights and laws that regulate this practice. We tell you everything you need to know about the sale of pets. The seller of the pet should always provide you the bill and an updated veterinary certificate.

The sale of pets must be done in a legal and meet minimum health and safety conditions, in order to avoid unnecessary problems and curb the proliferation of illegal or harmful practices against animals. This applies to both buying pet breeding, as specialized. All must comply with the law, so it is not recommended buying individual animals (there are high risks in these practices for both animals and buyers).

Buying your pet
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It is important to remember that pet adoption is a wonderful alternative to buying, because not only can give terminally ill animals lives- -saving with another opportunity, but also save costs (it is much cheaper to adopt than buying). If still your final decision is to buy, we review some tips that will allow a safe purchase…

  • If you want a particular breed of dog or cat it is recommended that you go to a specialized breeder. Of course, the animals must be enrolled in the LOE and must have their pedigree in order. You do not sell ‘bait and switch’.
  • If you go to buy a pet from a breeder should ask yourself a few questions: Does the breeder is a great lover and connoisseur of race breeding? You are able to solve all your doubts? The breeder does not care maintain contact with you after the sale of the puppy if you are in doubt or problems of any kind? Rate all these questions before starting to purchase.
  • In the case of dogs or cats ideally take them to the vet once acquired to verify that your state is really good and have no health problems. Do you deliver despite the certificate in order; avoid frights.

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  • If it is a puppy is important to know that the animal must remain with the mother at least 10 weeks; if you do they will deliver before distrusts.
  • Do not buy exotic animals or you will not know (or power) care and attention to the legal purchase, because you must first find out whether it is legal in your country of residence, the type of animal that you buy.
  • The seller should always provide you two documents: invoice and veterinary certificate updated. If he is reluctant to entrepreneurs, or do not, do not buy.
  • The purchase of animals over the Internet is not a safe option in many cases. Scams network far outweigh legal practices, best to avoid this type of transaction, especially if the seller offers bargains.

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