Medium sized dogs: What they are and who they are suitable for?

Dogs average height: One of the most sought after by families, since their dimensions are suited for apartment life. Here is what you need to know.

The medium sized dogs are generally small enough to live comfortably at home and have the right size to be able to play with children and to guard. Within this category we find so many different races together:  hunting dogsterriersherding and so on.

The main features of these dogs are the small size (generally goes from 8 to 25 kg), an imprint of character easily adapted to family life, good strength and toughness to sustain efforts.

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Medium size dogs: For those who are suitable?

The dogs of this size are particularly suitable for families with children, are playful and never would endanger a child. Sometimes instead of a large breed dog, unaware of its own weight, it can inadvertently hurt by the sharp movements during the game.

For those who live in the city and do not have outdoor space in which to leave the dog, often medium-sized dogs and small pets are the only solutions. The important thing however is that the dog has his kennel and his corner and that the right to be guaranteed daily trips. Let’s go then to know the main breeds of medium size.

Medium size dogs: Hunting dogs

Today there are many families who choose to keep the hounds at home. Adapt easily, they are very sociable, but it is crucial that they have their autonomous space to run outdoors and discharged.

Among the mid-sized hunting dogs, we suggest:

  • English Setter: Despite being a hunting dog, is good company and knows about being with children. Very smart and intelligent, it requires constant cleaning of the hair.
  • Beagle nano: Is a dog that barks frequently, at the slightest noise, so if you live in a condominium weigh up whether it is appropriate to choose this breed. In return, however, she pampers you with her sweet and affable temperament.
  • Dalmatian: This dog is part of the group of hounds and the trail of blood from dogs. It has a character a bit unpredictable and in some cases may be too possessive with his owner.

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Medium size dogs Sheepdogs

Within the category of sheep dogs, there are now many examples that are also used as a companion dog and guard. We have selected:

  • Australian sheperd: This dog needs company and large spaces, so it is not suitable for life in the house. Often he trained as a rescue dog. Agile and well proportioned, it requires a lot of care of the coat.
  • German Shepherd: Could not miss in the category. Not suited to apartment life, as opposed to what you think is very loyal and affectionate with the owner. Today is typically used as a guard animal.
  • Pyrenean shepherd: Even today is used as a guide of the flock, but also is chosen as a guard dog and companion. Very dynamic and lively, loves the open spaces.
  • Border Collie: Among these is the more possessive towards his master, does not like being left on the sidelines. Today we find it often starring in movies and commercials, thanks to his great intelligence.

Dogs medium size apartment

If you already know it could not guarantee a garden to your dog, then you have to guide your choice of breeds that adapt well to life at home. Here are the most recommended:

  • Cavalier King: Athletic, affectionate and playful, but it needs to be brushed every day. Only in this way you will avoid to find her long hair scattered around the house.
  • Poodle: Is a classic among dogs apartment, known as a companion dog in the large living rooms. She loves playing with children; it is always lively and cheerful.
  • Boston Terrier: There are different types, depending on the weight. Ideal to live in the house, since it is short-haired and requires little attention.
  • Boxer: Despite his fighting spirit and the spirit of defense, this dog, if well trained, knows protect loved his family. Faithful and loving cuddle will be a good companion dog.

In any case, beyond your preferences, it should always carefully evaluate the temperament and physical needs of the dog. It is said that in fact a medium-small dog can always settle for small and confined spaces, such as an apartment.

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