How To Choose A Pet

We all know that having a pet is a big responsibility. Do we really know what these responsibilities are? But above all, do we take them into account when we have to choose our animal? It may seem silly but from the moment you decide to adopt an animal, the life of this creature will depend on you and your decisions.

The concept that you have to choose the pet that can really adapt to the lifestyle of the owner. Not all animals will need the same care or attention, a bit ‘as happens to us humans where each person has a different lifestyle from another. So if you are thinking of adopting an animal and you do not know which animal could be more suitable for you and at the same time that you can easily adapt to your needs, continue reading this article to know how to choose a pet.

Why do you want to have a pet?

The first you have to do is ask yourself why you want to have a pet. If the answer to the previous question is because it is fashionable, because everyone has a pet or because your child absolutely wants an animal at home, the best thing to do is stop for a moment and think without making hasty decisions.

Always remember that the pet is not a toy and considers the possibility that when your child gets tired of them, they will no longer give them affection and attention. There are animals, as in the case of cats and dogs, which have a life span of between 10 and 20 years. This makes you understand that this is not a temporary situation. Choose well and do not take care to fulfill your child’s desire. Instead, try to understand if you really want a pet in your home and if over time it will be able to adapt to your lifestyle.

Time to give to your pet

Another piece of advice to help you choose a pet is about the time it takes you to spend it and the hours you’ll be with. The necessary time will change if it is a cat, a dog or another animal. For example, the dog will have to give a lot of time for the various activities that include: giving him food, spending some time with him, taking him out for walks and practicing physical exercises based on the pet’s needs. Instead cats are much more independent animals. You will have more time for yourself and you will notice that cats do not need to walk, on the contrary they can stay at home alone without any problem while you are at work.

The time you can give your pet will influence the choice of the animal, which can best be adapted to your lifestyle. You’ll have to think that even when you get home tired and you do not want to do anything, your pet will depend on you and you cannot give up the responsibility to take care of him. If you know that you do not spend much time at home or you simply are not willing to give your pet much time, you will opt for animals that will not need much care or attention like hamsters, turtles and parrots.

Choose A Pet

Consider the space and the people you live with

Space is an indispensable aspect for some animals. In general, all pets need space and you will need to consider this when you need to choose your pet. Do you think your house is the perfect place for the animal you want? Let’s give you some practical advice. If you live in a small apartment and you want to have an exotic animal or a rodent like a guinea pig, the rabbits, chinchillas, you will have to have the necessary space for the cage. The same is true if you want to have some kind of bird as a pet. However, if you want a dog or a cat, you will need to consider the size and physical needs of the animal. Take the case that you have a big dog, this animal will need large spaces and if possible even a garden. Otherwise you will have to be willing to take it out to play or walk a lot more times than a smaller dog.

You will also need to consider the opinions of people living with you and the presence of other pets. Try not to be selfish and involve other people in the house when choosing a new pet. You do not have to do things in secret and then, before bringing the pet home, make sure everyone agrees on the choice, on the arrival of the animal and above all that everyone can get along with him.

Consider your budget

Another tip for choosing a pet is to consider the budget you can spend on the animal. Some expenses will be necessary and cannot be avoided or postponed as in the case of visits to the vet when necessary, feeding, cleaning, the comfort zone where he will sleep or a cage, if it is a bird or rodent. Then there are other needs that will depend on the type of animal but also on the choices of the owner such as, for example, to put the microchip on your pet or sterilize it (this will be necessary), buy toys and so on. So there will be unnecessary expenses and unnecessary expenses, but in general you will spend a good amount of money on your pet and you will have to make sure that you can afford to keep a pet. Based on the studies, it is calculated that you get to spend about 700-1,500 dollars per year, if the pet is a dog. The figure is lowered, if it is a cat and is equal to 700 dollars. Instead 250 dollars, if the pet is a bird. Now make your accounts, review your budget and you can make your choice, without incurring economic problems for yourself and health problems or anything else for your pet.

Sometimes there may be emergency situations or damage to furniture in your home. This implies additional expenses that you may not have considered before. The house damage you might see is the cat scratches on the sofas, shoes or other objects bitten by dogs. But do not worry, these behaviors can be avoided if we educate our pets properly when they are puppies. But we also remind you that in some cases it will be difficult to avoid these behaviors. One thing should never be missing from your pet, that is, the training and the time needed to do the activities. So think well before deciding!

The pet during the holidays

Do you already know where you will leave your pet when you are not at home or when you go on vacation? Few people think of this, especially when they decide they want to adopt a pet. You should have an answer to the first question because not all people know who they can leave their pet.

If you are lucky, you can rely on your family, friends or neighbors who may be willing to keep the animal while you are not at home or in the city. As we said before, many think they do not think about who will take care of the animal during the holidays. So this is another piece of advice you will need to consider when choosing your pet.

But it is also true that you can take your pet on holiday with you, whether by car or plane. Another possibility could be a shelter or facilities that welcome animals and take care of them while their owner is out of town.

Consider your personality and your lifestyle

If you think you are an unresponsive, distracted or just lazy person, we advise you not to adopt an animal that needs a lot of attention such as the parrot or the rodents. If instead you want to protect the house from intruders or have a faithful and reliable life partner, you can choose a dog that will give you much love and security. For independent people who like to have a pet around, the best choice could be a cat.

As you could understand through this article, your choice will depend mainly on your needs, your personality and lifestyle.

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