Official! The BMW M5 Competition 2018 is a beast of 625 HP and hides many more secrets

The BMW M5 in our market, and the German brand has just released a slightly more vitaminized version if the 600 HP of the standard model are few. It’s called BMW M5 Competition, it has 625 HP and this is what it hides.

Before entering to review all the details of the new model, it is worth mentioning that BMW M GmbH has announced that from now on, all its high performance vehicles will have independent versions with higher performance.

BMW M5What does that mean? Well, there will be more powerful and processional editions of all BMW M, which fits with the strategy of its most direct rivals, Mercedes-AMG with the versions of surname “+” and Audi Sport with the “Plus” (yes, very original the names).

Aesthetic changes

BMW M5Aesthetically, the BMW M5 Competition does not change radically, but it does incorporate a series of specific details that make it different from the standard M5. BMW Individual is responsible for the high-gloss Shadow Line finish that contrasts with some elements of the body.

We refer to the edges of the kidney-shaped grille, the mesh of the BMW M gills of the front wings, the molding of the rear bumper and the housings of the exterior mirrors.


The door handles are painted in the color of the body while the discreet spoiler located on the lid of the trunk, the rear M5 logo and the word “Competition” that accompanies it, are all bright black.

Inside, the details that identify it are reduced to stripes with the BMW M GmbH colors on the safety belts, the control panel showing the M5 Competition spellings when you turn it on and the mats with the model designation.


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Same motor, more power and more torque

As previously leaked, the BMW M5 Competition 2018 carries the same 4.4-liter V8 bi-turbo that now develops 25 extra CV to complete a total of 625 HP. It also increases the maximum torque by 50 NM, making a total of 750 NM.


The best thing, apart from the gross figure, is that the torque is available in a wider 200 RPM range, from 1800 to 5800 RPM. It passes from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.3 seconds but its capacity to accelerate from 0 to 200 km / h in 10.8 seconds may be more significant, which is three tenths less than the new ‘normal’ M5.

In a car that surpasses with so much slack the half thousand of horsepower, an increase of 25 CV also demands adjustments of tuning. The most important changes go through a specific motor support, which thanks to the stiffer springs improves the behavior of the vehicle.BMW M5

How does it work? Well basically there is a more direct connection between the engine and the chassis of the vehicle, which results in a better entry into curves, more direct and therefore effective.

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Suspensions and falls, other changes in the Competition

The BMW M5 Competition has a ground clearance reduced by 7 millimeters compared to a normal M5. The chassis has been specifically tuned, with new springs and shock absorbers 10% stiffer.

BMW M5The fall of the front axle wheels also changes a lot, so that lateral forces in fast corners are minimized. On the other hand the silent blocks have been eliminated replacing them with suspension arms with ball joints, which according to BMW improves the precision in curves.

The stabilizer bar is now more rigid, and the front axle has a new support. In which there is no change is in the gearbox, which is an M eight-speed Steptronic.

The M xDrive traction is identical to the normal M5, and allows you to choose between all-wheel drive modes and a rear-wheel drive position only, reserved for the most experts who believe they can take advantage of a 625-hp saloon trying to move to asphalt only through the rear axle.

BMW M5Configured for the Nürburgring Nordschleife

The Sport mode puts the configuration of the shock absorbers perfectly Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, with its ups and downs, potholes and other features that make this circuit unique.

The Sport Plus mode, on the other hand, due to the rigidity of the set, is more suitable for fast racing on Grand Prix circuits.

BMW M5The 20-inch wheels are also specific for this version, feature a Y-spoke design and are finished in two-tone. The measurements are 275/35 R20 on the front axle and 285/35 R20 on the rear axle.

At the moment, BMW has not announced when the new BMW M5 Competition will be available, nor the price it will have, but if we take into account that the normal M5 costs 136,650 dollars and that a First Edition went to 158,845 dollars, it is we may be facing a car that far exceeds 160,000 dollars in price.

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