Neem oil is an oil often used to care for and moisturize hair, thanks to its properties. Let’s find out how to best use it.

Neem oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from the seeds contained in the dell’ flowers Neem tree.

It is well known for its strong and pungent smell, vaguely reminiscent of that of garlic. The reason why not everyone likes it, in fact, it is often mixed with other vegetable oils, so as to reduce the smell.

Neem oil is an oil that brings several benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic. Thanks to its benefits, it is used not only for skin care but also for hair. In the cosmetic field, various products can be prepared, such as body creams, shampoos, and conditioners.

But let’s find out how to best use it for hair care, not only to treat dandruff but also to combat split ends.

Neem oil: an ally for your hair

The hair finds benefits if it is treated with Neem oil, you can try to use it by mixing it with other vegetable oils if you do not like the strong scent.

In the case of hair that has a lot of dandruff, it can be treated with this oil, but only if it is a transitory problem. The dandruff is a nuisance that involves so many people, a problem not only unsightly but also annoying. In many cases it can cause severe itching and burning, it can be triggered for various reasons both related to the use of too aggressive shampoos, periods of strong stress, or an unbalanced diet. Try Neem oil, but in case of a frequent problem, it is advisable to seek the advice of a dermatologist, who will be able to indicate the best treatment to follow.

Try diluting about 30ml of Neem oil with 70ml of coconut oil and 10 drops of tea tree essential oil. It is advisable to heat a little, and then let it cool, applied directly to the scalp. Massage with your fingertips, let it rest for 15-20 minutes, then proceed with a delicate shampoo specific for dandruff.

Neem oil is recommended in cases of pediculosis, just pour a few drops on the skin and long, well distributed with the aid of a comb. It is recommended to massage the scalp and let it act for a few minutes. A good remedy to combat lice, alternatively you can read how to remove lice from hair in a natural way.

Thanks to the moisturizing effect of Neem oil, the hair will be more nourished, hydrated, and strong. It also strengthens the roots and not just the ends, reducing the formation of split ends and hair loss.

As already mentioned, Neem oil is widely used for the preparation of creams and conditioners, in fact, you can try it in case of knots so as to untangle the hair, just apply it on washed hair, then comb with a wide-toothed comb. Alternatively, you can do it with your fingers.

In the case of oily hair, you can apply a few drops directly on the scalp and massage gently. It is recommended not to rinse immediately. But after 5-7 minutes after application. Remember to proceed with the shampoo, always using specific products for oily hair.

Neem oil is an oil with extraordinary virtues, useful in case of weak hair, why not support growth

Thanks to the antioxidants contained in it, they help to strengthen the hair, try to regularly apply 6 drops of oil on the scalp and on the lengths. Leave on for 10 minutes, then proceed with rinsing. You will immediately notice the difference, in fact, this treatment will make your hair less brittle, softer, and shinier.

Even women who have dry and brittle hair can use Neem oil. Dry hair is due to poor hydration and superficial care, which unfortunately cause it to lose its shine and elasticity in the long run. The hair will become more and more fragile and will tend to break and split ends will form.

Dyes, pollution, and harsh cosmetic treatments can also be the cause, but Neem oil can be helpful in this case. Thanks to the fatty acids contained in it, they can nourish the hair, but also the scalp.

Apply to the scalp and massage with your fingers, then leave for 15 minutes and proceed with washing.

These benefits are possible thanks to the properties of this extraordinary oil, which has a refreshing and emollient action, truly a real beauty elixir for your hair.


Neem oil does not have many contraindications but should be used with a certain criterion. Unfortunately, exceeding in quantities or using it frequently, could cause redness and burn in the scalp.

It is advisable to seek medical advice both in case of redness and allergic reactions. Surely it would be advisable to apply a few drops of Neem oil, behind the neck or in the crease of the elbow, leaving it on for a day. This way you can see how the oil reacts on the skin.

If you notice a slight redness and irritation do not use it at all. Also not recommended in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

You can buy Neem oil online, in pharmacies, or at herbalists. But you can mix it with vegetable oils for its pungent smell.

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