Micellar water in oil Garnier, the makeup remover that can even the toughest makeup

Beautiful skin always begins with a facial routine.

Cleaning to purify and prepare the skin for the treatment that we use later penetrates much better and more effective. And after having skin thoroughly clean the second step of the routine, would give skin care dose, according to your needs.

Today we will focus on the first step and most importantly, clean.

For this I chose one of my favorite products, the Garnier Micellar Water, it seems a very complete and simple product. With a single gesture and effects instantly perceived on the skin, I’m sure you will also conquer all of you.

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Garnier has a range of micellar solutions makes us women life easier, because the brand simplifies our ritual cleansing in one product, which removes make-up, clean skin and eyes calm face and lips.

The news now is that, within this range, Garnier has created the Water Micellar in oil, the first oil micellar solution that removes makeup, cleanses and nourishes eyes, lips and face in a single gesture. It is effective even with waterproof makeup and long lasting. In addition, the best, it does respecting sensitive skins.

This is due to the technology that has innovated Garnier, in its formula combining the power of makeup remover oils and Argan oil, with the effectiveness of the micelles.

Micelles work synergistically and are able to capture the makeup, sebum and impurities like a magnet.

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When shake flask, the two phases are mixed, can remove the most stubborn makeup, leaving no film or skin feeling greasy.

A gentle formula with a pleasant floral aroma, and easily remove all dirt, it also calms, hydrates and softens the skin.

The second step as I have said before, the treatment would apply ourselves to the needs of our skin.

Garnier has also thought about it and continues to innovate in products to give us our beauty ritual, as the range Hydra Bomb from which I’ll talk later. Click here http://carroussa.com/ to know more.

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