Meet the new Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, now with heart rate sensor

For me the most interesting device Pebble in today’s presentation has been Core a very simple activities motorization in appearance but full of features: GPS, 3G, and Android. But as we advance, watches the company wants to focus its catalog to the world of sport and health, so that updated the range with two clocks that have heart rate sensor.

We talk about the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, which will obliterate the original models. What you see, two new models to continue making war, and that seemed to Android Wear and Apple Watch’s going to move a lot more complicated than it seems market.

The two watches share much functionality, but especially highlight the incorporation of a heart rate sensor that is recording our constant every ten minutes in a mode called sleep, or in our sports, which will remain constantly recording.

Pebble 2 and  Pebble Time 2
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We do not forget the clocks feature microphone to leave voice messages, or for applications that want to take advantage and that wireless connectivity is via Bluetooth LE. Let the differences…

Pebble 2

Pebble 2 is the standard model – they call it casual – in design, much like the clock already had on the market: sporty, waterproof and plastic finish. It will be available in five colors: Black, White, Aqua, and Lime Flame.

Your screen electronic ink is monochrome, with a size of 1.26 inches. This type of technology makes us forget to be loading without stopping the smart watch, and in this case boast seven days of autonomy.

The price of the new Time 2 is $129, when in September appears on the market, but you can buy it for $99 if you sums to Kickstarter initiative.

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Pebble Time 2

The frame is much smaller in this new pebble 2 time compared to last year’s model. Win in design, also in resistance: both models protect your screen with gorilla glass.

Time essentially an updated version of last year, with the new sensor version. Here we gain in presence thanks to stainless steel, but retains a standard silicon strap (you can buy other models: leather and metal).

It is also more able with respect to the screen, as here drawn in electronic ink colors. We like to know that they have gotten resolution – 80% more – in the 1.5-inch panel, as many as 200 x 228 pixels. The autonomy of this model is to ten days of use.

This update addresses the price remains Time last year’s model, i.e. $199. If you do not wait for September and you sums to kickstarter, goes for $169. In any case the available colors are black, gold and silver.

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