Meet seven neighborhoods in New York through its most iconic dishes

If you have the very great fortune to travel to New York this coming Easter, surely at some point you have consulted a map with the most famous city districts: Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Midtown … In each, every corner of New York, there are hundreds of places that are worth knowing. And besides, hundreds of dishes worth trying. Today I’ll show seven of the most popular districts of the city, ideal for visiting them at lunchtime.

New York
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Upper East Side | Burger Joint

There are certain things that can only happen on the Upper East Side. Teenagers coming to school in a limo, the style of Gossip Girl; buildings marquee red carpet and a porter with peaked cap; an air ferry to cross the East River … and (probably)best burger in town, hidden upon receipt of a luxury hotel. South of the Upper East Side, almost next to the Fifth Avenue, we find (hopefully) the Burger Joint.

Burger Joint is the representation of typical dinner American, with a somewhat seedy looking, and according to the intended- serving the best burgers in town, under a menu that can not be simpler: single or double burgers with or without cheese and with some toppings Extra. Fries and soft drinks. End of the menu. But what makes it really special to Burger Joint is the fact that, to access, it must go through the reception of luxurious Le Parker Meridien, find a hidden curtain, follow the iconic neon sign and be face to face with the place. The faces of confusion among tourists are nearly as typical as the smell of grilled meat.

Upper West Side | Gray’s Papaya

On the opposite side of Central Park, is the other Upper Side. More dynamic and relaxed, almost to a little boho. In the shadow of the Dakota building, we can walk through one of the neighborhoods artistic and liberal city, a counterpoint to its namesake East always presumed proud inhabitants.

And just when Broadway intersects the neighborhood, we came upon one of the most incongruous local Manhattan. With just a few square meters, decorated with tropical flowers and posters, it is Gray’s Papaya. Become icon by series like Friends or How I Met vista mother, Gray’s Papaya only has two specialties on its menu: the hot dogs with just a few extra ingredients to choose from, and delicious tropical juices. A strange, yes, but which is impossible to resist combination.

Midtown | Carnegie Deli

When we have tired of northern Manhattan and Central Park (if that comes to ever happen), walking south, we will run into Midtown, that drawer mess that fits such disparate concepts as Times Square, the Rockefeller Center or MoMA.

And there, right in Midtown, we will find the Carnegie Deli. We should not ignore the stressed (and somewhat rude) waiter or extras strangers who swell the final score. As you probéis his two specialties, the Woody Allen sandwich (do not try it at solo!) And the cheesecake … it will all be worth it.

Greenwich Village | Magnolia Bakery

Wherever Manhattan loses its grid structure of streets and avenues, we know that we are entering the Village, the kind of people bohemian amid one of the largest cities in the world. In the Village, we stroll among locals in the vicinity of Washington Square, hear jazz on Christopher Street and may even escape us to visit the home of Carrie Bradshaw.

And amidst all these great plans, we may be between a sweet tooth. If so … there is no better answer than Magnolia Bakery. It is not only a treat for the eyes, with one of the local most croquis of the city, but also, everything in there is deliciouscookiesmuffinscakes. But the pudding banana, one of the house specialties, deserves a separate chapter.

Brooklyn | Grimaldi’s Pizza

There is a wonderful time we passed all we’ve ever visited New York: crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. But perhaps the best option is to do it in sense Manhattan, with the sunset silhouetted against the skyline, the opposite route also has its charm. You will land in the heart of Brooklyn, this mass of almost three million inhabitants, where you can enjoy things as varied as the environment Hipster of Williams burg or curiosity that causes the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

Grimaldi’s is an icon in Brooklyn. With its pizzas cooked in wood oven, unusually large, the atmosphere halfway between seedy and overly tourist, but with the authentic taste of the flavor of the dough, cheese, and pepperoni. A cannoli for dessert and then … paradise.

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Coney Island | Nathan’s

There is a place south of Brooklyn that looks like the scene of a film of the fifties; a place that seems more consistent in California than in New York. That place is the beach in New YorkConey Island. With a decadent air that makes it very clear that his best years are behind, Coney Island maintains a special charm thanks to the huge beach, wooden boardwalk and amusement park chaired by the Cyclone, the oldest roller coaster the United States.

And in the middle of Coney Island, we find a place that has become famous for something as kitsch as the annual eating contest hotdogsNathan’s. There is an eternal debate in New York on whether the best hot dogs are Nathan’s or those of Gray’s Papaya, but that is best left to the locals, while the tourists tasted some of their specialties, such as potatoes with cheese sauce and bacon while gawking we observe large panels showing the annual records of massive ingestion of sausages.

Harlem | Sylvia’s

At the opposite pole of Coney Island (more than 30 kilometers, in fact), it is Harlem. A neighborhood that has changed in the last twenty years than anywhere else in New York. Where in the 80s and 90s, was rampant drugs and crime, today we have a neighborhood in which the African – American culture permeates every corner. Also gastronomically.

The ideal time to go to Harlem is a Sunday morning. Among other things, the Sunday Gospel Breakfast of Sylvia’s. Best of Sylvia’s is not the fried chicken, or the iced tea home or lemonade, or barbecued ribs, even the velvet cake network … the best of the Sunday Gospel Breakfast is to see that even in a local as well known, continue to dominate the families in the neighborhood, gathered around a brunch after Sunday Mass.

And on the desktop? A Mass góspel the one of the many Baptist churches in the neighborhood, a concert at the legendary Apollo Theater or some shopping at one of the outlets of the neighborhood.

There are millions of places where lost in New York, not only gastronomically. Some as well known, others turned into well – kept secrets. What is certain is that a visit to New York is always worth it and … it’s not a good place to go to save the line.

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