Mars, the wireless speaker that came from Mars

Of wireless speakers you have been talking around here very often. Not surprisingly, they are the trend. The cables seem to be unable to survive. Another thing is the wireless speakers that levitate. And make no mistake, we have seen a decorative element levitate, but for now, were not speakers.

But they are not the trend, and perhaps why we are so striking. If in addition to these we add them to the design of Mars, which we bring you today, it will be normal for whatever you want in your living room to already.

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

For Mars, the proposed Crazybaby, is not only beautiful and out for “floating” in the air;It is also very functional and has an advantage that makes it stick his head above the rest of portable and wireless speakers, float in the air or not.

Mars did not encounter a loudspeaker composed of two parts or bodies. The portable speaker itself, which would provide the main sound, focused primarily on acute, and on the other hand we have a base, which is in charge of reproducing low as faithfully as possible.

The base, cylindrical, is the subwoofer that could pass for a modern router or a Mac Pro, saving the differences in size and finishes. It is responsible for levitating the other hand, as you can imagine, by magnets. This base is connected to the network, although not essential, thanks to its rechargeable battery, offering up to 8 hours of operation without re-plugging. And just in case, also it allows connect USB devices to give load, so with it you take even an extra battery for your mobile phone or portable music player.

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On the other hand, we have the Mars Craft, a kind of flying saucer that is the main portable speaker. Small and easy to carry, can bring and take at will, offering a sound less “hi-fi”, but that has nothing to envy to other small portable speakers.

It can provide up to 6 hours of music and does not design its unique appeal as it is prepared to withstand water ( you already have music for your bathroom or daily shower), and secondly, thanks to magnets that allow you to levitate above the base, can adhere to surfaces such as the refrigerator door, for example.

So if you were thinking about getting a wireless speaker, while decorating and practical, with Mars Crazybaby you have just what you needed, adding a touch of exclusivity granted by the “levitation”. It’s available in white, black and gray, for about US $ 329, so this time, not even have to wait to start listening to your music in the most special way possible.

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