iScout is the HUD who wants to succeed where others have failed: in our car

The segment HUD car takes moving for some time, and there are manufacturers that integrate these elements into their high – end models. We also have independent devices that do not just materialize, but now comes a proposal somewhat different.

It is iScout a HUD that works with any smartphone, displays notifications of applications like WhatsApp and is even able to accept or reject calls in hands – free vehicle with a simple gesture of our hand.

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Useful information without looking away from the road

The developers of this device say their “photochromic” screen works both during the day and overnight optimally, and indeed the iScout has its own navigation application and your GPS receiver to guide us to the destination you choose.

Bluetooth connectivity allows we synchronize the HUD with our smartphone for such reject calls with those hand gestures, besides being able to dictate text messages, view notifications WhatsApp or Twitter (something perhaps debatable) or control music playback services like Spotify.

One of the most interesting sections of the product is its connectivity to the vehicle ODB port, which will get warnings and recommendations on the state of the fuel tank or speed. In fact we have little to detect gasoline can automatically activate a route to the nearest petrol station.

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The Premium model features plus cameras deadlock that are activated when we change lanes or we have to turn to receive warnings if other vehicles approaching and not have the seen in the mirror. Those cameras are optional in the high – end model, but also have a front camera that lets you record what happens during our journeys if there are accidents.

The iScout has been put on sale in Kickstarter, and costs $ 269 for the basic version and $ 299 for the Premium version with cameras neutral. If they get funding seeking promise that, these devices will be available next November. For more click here

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