How to organize your suitcase for a Safari in Africa

Going on a safari in Africa should be a very enriching experience. Before making this fabulous journey, you will surely wonder what to bring for an African safari. Every journey requires a type of suitcase and not only for weather conditions, but also for the characteristics of the journey. Enjoy your African safari with the perfect suitcase.

What to pack for a safari in Africa?

Avoid bright colors: To go on a safari you don’t need to bring sequined or over-bright clothing with you. In fact, some bright colors can attract too much attention from wild animals, with the risk of getting them too dangerously close. It is best to wear clothes with colors like khaki, brown, green or pale yellow.

Dress in layers: In Africa it’s hot, but when you leave early in the morning to go on safari, or back in the evening, you may find a windy and cold weather, so you should bring a jacket, scarf, gloves and hat with you. When the sun comes out, you can already take off the layers of clothes.

Get the right thing: Don’t put more clothes in the suitcase than necessary. The “right case” is best left at home. Do you think most of the accommodations have a laundry service? It is better to wear basic clothes and play with different combinations. You also thinks that the flights have weight restrictions in terms of luggage. If you forget something you can always shop on-site at affordable prices.

Safari in Africa

Comfortable clothes: There is nothing worse than making a Safari and feeling uncomfortable with the clothes you wear. Remember that a safari is full of adventure, long walks, but also a long time spent sitting in the vehicle. It is best to wear 100% comfortable clothes and shoes to fully enjoy the journey.

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Documentation for the trip: Always bring with you originals and copies of personal documents. For a safari you need: passport, visas, driving license, travel insurance documents, air tickets, visas and vaccination certificates (if necessary).

Currency: Make sure you change your money in the local currency even before departure. Don’t forget your credit card (more than one) and cash.

Technology: Going on safari in Africa without the right technology is almost a crime. Take your camera (your lenses), battery and charger for the camera, enough memory for the camera, mobile phone with the charger, a pair of binoculars to enjoy the beautiful African landscapes and wild animals (this is essential), a lamp by hand or by miner, a power supply and an additional battery for the mobile phone.

Safari in Africa

Accessories needed for a safari: A sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, malaria medicine (if necessary), lip balm and a first aid kit.

Dress for a safari: In principle you should dress very comfortably, but remember to bring a jacket or a k-way. And in winter (especially between May and September), you have to wear a hat, scarf, gloves and a thick, warm jacket.

For car trips or excursions during the safari: A comfortable and light backpack, snacks or something to eat and a reusable water bottle to drink water, which is also thermal.

If you are going on an African safari, consider all these suggestions to fill your suitcase to the fullest and above all enjoy one of the most beautiful travel experiences in the world.

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