How to match palazzo pants

How to match the palazzo pants you just bought or the vintage originals inherited from your mother to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

We will reveal it to you: you just need to take note of a few small tricks and you can combine your palazzo pants with many items that you certainly already have in the closet. If not, however, you can take a cue from our advice and go shopping now!

First of all, a few general rules: palazzo pants are good for all women and especially curvy women, because they do not bandage but follow the line of the hips in a natural way; they can be worn both with flat shoes and with heels, the important thing is to consider the right length of the trousers because it is not too short compared to the shoe you have chosen to wear; being very comfortable and versatile, palazzo pants have different uses: they are ideal in the office, in your free time and, with a more elegant touch, even in the evening.

Finally, you can decide the right combination according to the height of the waist: with high-waisted palazzo pants, it is better to wear a shirt or a thin sweater that you can put inside, while with the low waist you opt for a longer sweater, cardigan or t-shirt, to take outside.

So here’s how to perfectly match palazzo pants, from the softer ones from the 70s to the most elegant and sophisticated ones: it is then up to you to decide which of these outfits best suits your personal style and taste.

How to combine palazzo pants with the shirt

The most traditional combination for palazzo pants is certainly the one with the shirt: rigorously to be inserted inside, it is preferable that it is a snug or otherwise fitted model. So yes to the more feminine classic shirts but also to the semi-transparent ones, with ruffles and bow – as this year’s fashion trends want – always to be worn inside high-waisted palazzo pants.

How to combine palazzo pants with a t-shirt and long vest

A simple t-shirt and a long vest will be enough to immediately make your palazzo pants truly glamorous. This is also a combination from which different variations can arise: the t-shirt can be more or less long, have short, three-quarter or long sleeves, while the vest can be of different materials: denim, suede, leather, wool.

How to match palazzo pants with sweater or cardigan

With low-rise palazzo pants, the ideal is to wear a sweater or cardigan that is at least halfway up the sides, so as not to accentuate any defects or highlight, if any, the unsightly “Love handles”. Braided, boucl√©, worked and embroidered wool sweaters (with or without buttons) will be perfect.

How to match palazzo pants with the long-sleeved crop top

The crop top is undoubtedly one of the trendiest items this year. Already discovered in the last season in summer, here it is reappearing with long sleeves in the winter: the combination of high-waisted palazzo pants and crop top is a real must. However, pay close attention to the length of the top, which, unlike the summer and light models that allow you to glimpse the belly, must not exceed the line of the trousers but remain flush with the waist.

How to combine palazzo pants with the blazer

The combination of palazzo pants and blazers is certainly a great classic: in this case, palazzo pants are high waisted, more elegant, with a crease and structured fabric. You can choose this outfit for the evening, combining the outfit with a sparkling top, a particular t-shirt or a lace shirt with precious embroidery.

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