The strawberries are a fruit spring-summer, with the typical red color, sweet taste, loved by young and old. Strawberries enjoy some particularly beneficial effects for the body. They are in fact activators of the metabolism, are made up of 90% water they are indicated in low-calorie diets and favor the hydration of the body.

They are rich in fibers and contribute to making a good sense of satiety, without weighing you down. Strawberries contain a good amount of vitamin C and are also rich in potassium.

The only drawback of strawberries is their availability. In fact, they can be found especially in the months of May and June, with some advance in April, to arrive in favorable weather conditions until July.

Given the short harvesting period of this fruit, in order to savor them for longer. It may be useful to know how to store and freeze strawberries.

The conservation of strawberries is oriented to the short term, from purchase to consumption, while the freezing is used to preserve the fruit for a longer period of time, which in some cases can even reach a year.

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How to choose strawberries when buying

When you buy a basket of strawberries, go for those that have green and firm leaves, it means that they have been recently harvested. Furthermore, since strawberries are easily perishable, choose the color based on the use you will have to make of them: if you intend to consume them immediately, prefer the red and ripe ones, while if you intend to eat them after a few days (keeping them in the refrigerator) choose those not too ripe. If you have to freeze them, prefer medium ripe strawberries.

How to store strawberries in the refrigeratorHow to freeze Strawberries

Once the strawberries have been purchased, they must be checked one by one. In fact, since it is a delicate fruit, therefore easily perishable, it is advisable to check that they are all healthy and firm, if some have stains or mold they must be removed immediately, otherwise, they risk easily damaging the other strawberries. Once checked, you can keep the strawberries in the refrigerator for a few days, without washing them. In fact, strawberries easily absorb water and humidity. So washing them would deteriorate sooner. It is also correct to let them ventilate, therefore it is better to avoid keeping them closed in bags or plastic packages that do not allow them to transpire. If you intend to eat them after a few hours you can avoid putting them in the refrigerator, in this way you will better savor all their taste.

How to freeze strawberries

To keep strawberries longer, you need to freeze them. Again, make sure they are all healthy, then wash them gently and pat them dry with kitchen paper. Cut the stem, then put them upside down (resting them on the base that you have obtained from the cut) on a tray and freeze them keeping them separate. Only after freezing can you close them in food bags, eliminating as much air as possible. This way the strawberries will keep for 2-3 months. However, consider that strawberries by the very nature of their consistency will tend to soften as time passes.

How to store strawberries all year round

If you want to extend the storage times for longer times. It is preferable that you keep them in a syrup that you can make with water and sugar: heat 1 liter of water and melt 250 grams of sugar, let it cool, and pour it over the strawberries ready to be stored. , then freeze. Another long-term preservation method is with sugar: after cleaning the strawberries, cut them in half (or in quarters depending on the size) cover them with 200 grams of sugar, mix gently and keep them. The doses indicated refer to 1 kg of strawberries (choose them of medium ripeness) and the conservation extends in this way up to 12 months.

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