How to disinfect the suitcase: Tips for traveling safely

It takes just a few minutes to sanitize the suitcase and prepare it for a new trip: Here are some simple tricks.

In the unequal fight against germs and bacteria, we will always be one step behind, but we can do a lot to live and travel safely. For example, have you ever disinfected your suitcase on your return from your holidays? It may seem like a trivial gesture, yet think about how much dirt accumulates on its surfaces.

It can take a few minutes to properly clean your suitcases, before storing them waiting for the next trip. To tell the truth, these simple tips can also be useful during your holiday, because it takes very little to sanitize at least the most exposed parts of the luggage. It starts with the wheels and the handle : the former are in contact with any surface, from the hotel floor to the sidewalks, passing through the hold of the plane. You and anyone who takes charge of your suitcase instead continuously touch the second one.

These are therefore the first areas to be disinfected. For the wheels, use a microfiber cloth and a sanitizing spray, reaching even the most hidden areas. Then remove the handle and pass it over the cloth, making sure that it is completely dry before pulling it back. If there is any button on the top of the suitcase, don’t forget to thoroughly clean that too. At this point, go outside the suitcase, which is more delicate and deserves some more attention.

If your luggage is made of fabric, use a special product to avoid damaging it. First, do a test on an inconspicuous corner of the suitcase, to verify that it does not cause any damage and that it does not discolor the fabric. If, on the other hand, the luggage is made of plastic, you can use sanitizing wipes, which are more comfortable and quicker. In any case, pay attention to the bottom of the suitcase, which is the dirtiest area.

Finally, the inside of the baggage must be cleaned. After having completely emptied it, vacuum every surface passing more rigorously around the zips and inside pockets, where dirt tends to accumulate. Then use a fabric spray and scrub carefully with a microfibre cloth, concentrating on any stains. Before storing the suitcase, leave it open until it is completely dry to prevent mold from forming.

If you are concerned that your luggage may have been in contact with bed bugs, you will need to take some extra attention. First of all, check the presence of these pests: if you find any trace of them, do not bring the suitcase indoors and leave it in the open air. Some studies have shown that an effective method of getting rid of bed bugs is heat. If you want to be sure of the hygiene of your suitcase, you should rely on some expert in the sector.

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