Fur coats are luxurious garments that are usually quite expensive. Chinchilla, coyote, or mink, any of these coats is highly appreciated by those who love fashion and good style. However, they are as beautiful as they are delicate, so maintaining and caring for them is much more difficult than any other coat.

Being outer and winter garments, they are constantly exposed to rain, dirt, snow and cold, conditions that can shorten their useful life if they are not preserved as they should be.

It is common to try to clean a fur coat but when you get down to it you don’t know how, usually this is left to professionals, but often we don’t have the time or money to do it

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

If a fur coat is given the necessary care, it can be kept for many years, maintaining the splendor of the first day. Routine cleaning, keeping them in the right conditions of temperature and humidity, and monitoring their condition during the year are some of these care, essential to be able to have them perfect every winter.

Next, we will offer you some tips that can be very useful to keep your fur coat in the best condition so that it can last as long as possible:

  • You should never fold a fur coat.
  • During the hot months, when the fur coat is not used, both the coat and the closet where it is stored should be routinely checked to see that there are no moths that could spoil it. In the following article, you can learn how to avoid moths and in case you already have them, we explain how to eliminate moths.
  • The hanger where the coat is hung should be wide, avoiding being made of wire, so that the fur coat does not deform and maintains its elegant fall.
  • You should also not use hangers that contain spikes or hooks that can pierce the skin or alter its shape.
  • On humid days you can take the coat out of the closet, being a natural garment it needs moisture so that it does not dry out and break.
  • At least once a year the fur coat should go through the hands of a furrier to do the necessary care.
  • Fur coats should never be stored in a plastic bag, this material needs air to avoid drying out.
  • Do not expose the fur coat to sunlight.
  • Avoid using perfumes, especially with alcohol, as they can discolor, dry out, and break the hair on the coat.

Step: 2

There is no single way to explain how to clean a fur coat, since the stains it can have are many, there will also be many ways to clean it. A very common case, since it is used in the winter months, is finding the coat wet from rain or snow.

To dry a fur coat, remove the water with your hands , using only your fingers, and hang it up to dry. Using brushes, towels, or blow dryers alone is the fastest way to damage the fur of the coat.

Step: 3

If you are wondering how to clean a fur coat, the first answer should always be to take it to a specialist furrier who uses the proper machinery. Fur coats are cleaned using machinery that is not normally available in a private home.

Fur coats are cleaned using a drum with sawdust, which removes dirt from the skin. Later, certain products and oils are added that manage to keep the brightness and color of the skin alive.

Step: 4

But if you want to know how to clean a fur coat at home, we can also give you some options to do it easily.

The first thing you have to do to clean a fur coat is to shake it to get rid of all the residues and particles present in the fur and its nooks and crannies. The way to do it is similar to shaking the sheets. You should take the coat with both hands by the shoulder pads and lift it to more or less the height of your shoulders, shaking it up and down.

Although the coat may seem clean at first glance, by doing these movements you will realize the amount of dirt that can be stored in it, hence the importance of subjecting it to regular washing.

Step: 5

Once shaken, the next step in cleaning a fur coat is brushing. But not just any tool will work, a normal brush could seriously damage the fabric of the coat. To do this you will need a special brush for fur , suitable for the type of coat you have. These brushes have a wider spacing between the teeth, the edges of which are much more rounded and smooth, so if you can’t get your hands on one, it’s always better and more advisable to do it with your hands.

You should always brush in the direction of the hair, with subtle and uniform movements. Mentally divide the coat into parts and dedicate yourself to brushing it evenly each and every one of them. It is important to make small movements, as long movements stretch the fur of the coat, deforming it and damaging its shape.

Step: 6

If your fur coat has been stained with oil, coffee, or any type of liquid or material, you can use a homemade measure that will help you act quickly before taking it to a furrier. This is a home solution that you can make by mixing water with isopropyl alcohol and applying it to the stain on the coat. Never use solvents or cleaners on a fur coat, they are very delicate and will most likely damage it.

Step: 7

With a white cloth, you should rub the area of ​​the stain that you have wet with the solution between water and alcohol. Once the stain is dissolved, do not rinse it with water, hang the coat in a place where air passes and wait until it dries.

We must repeat some of the instructions that we have given you at the beginning, among them, that you cannot use a dryer or apply any type of heat to remove the moisture from the coat, that you be careful when rubbing and that you must use a white cloth so as not to discolor the skin

Step: 8

When the coat is completely dry, it is time to do the final brushing, following the same instructions that we have given you at the beginning of the article: with a special brush or with your hands, with small and soft movements, and in the same direction as the hair. .

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