How best to Store Your Clothes to wear seasonally

Having your clothing organised so you can quickly sort through all the garments you have to find that one perfect top or pair trousers can be incredibly frustrating. This is why many people have taken to having their clothes stored seasonally. This basically entails only having clothing on display that fits into the season whilst the rest of it is stored away, ready for when the weather changes. It has been a popular method in America for a number of years and it appears it is now spreading across the world.

The best way to achieve this is to look at clothes in two distinct groups – those that you would wear when the weather is sunny and warm and those that you wear when it is colder. You can then make a judgement call each year as to when you need to switch your clothing on. The clothing that is most appropriate gets placed in your wardrobe and on your shelves and the rest is stored, usually in vacuum storage bags, ready for when it will be needed next.

The benefit of this way of organising your clothing is that you don’t have to spend lots of time sorting through lots of summery dresses when you are looking for that perfect Aran Sweaters that you bought from Shamrock Gift to snuggle up in during the colder autumn and winter months.

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