Here are the different types of motor homes in a buying guide for newbies

Traveling with the house on his back seemed reserved for a few, including camping has been almost frowned face enjoy the holidays in a hotel or apartment. The camping and more contact with nature is becoming more valued and, in the last two decades, the motorhomes have become another way of living the holidays.

The mobile home is no longer something only foreigners or for crazy tourism. Many have taken to buy one or is in your future purchase plans. For the latter or simply for those who want to know more of this type of vehicles, we have prepared this guide to buying motorhomes.

And it is not as easy as it sounds, there are different points to assess before buying one, is not only a matter of price and size. But to start we will make it clear what a motorhome because sometimes there is confusion. It is a motor vehicle whose interior is fitted out as housing. And there are not as many call caravans, mobile homes are trailers and motorhomes.

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There are different types to be discussed later, but in this case exclude the camper vans equipped as housing that retain the original body plate) and we were the true camper or car-house, those with full on body or partially insulated panels.

Motorhome Types

We have already mentioned that this classification we leave aside the camper to focus on the largest and most spacious motorhome. What types are there?

Nasturtium, the most common motorhome…

  • Nasturtiums: They have a bump on the top front that inside is used as a bed.They are composed of a chassis-cab van to the housing portion is coupled.
  • Profiled: The structure is similar to the nasturtiums but do not have the visorabove the cabin. They lose that space for a bed so they usually have space for fewer people. Their advantage is a smaller size, better performance and lower consumption.
  • Comprehensive: They are like motorhomes classic American films, the whole cabin housing and is integrated and mounted on a chassis. Lose some interior space about nasturtiums but have the advantage that the space is unique; the cabin is not separate from the house. They are more expensive and different body parts are specific, so insurance is also more expensive.
  • Extendable: They have side modules that extend to win internal width and offer much more space.

Certified seats

It is essential when choosing see the number of homological seats day and night, i.e. seats approved for travel and seats approved for sleep. And it is that not necessarily have to correspond both figures, we can have a motor home in which they can travel two or three people but with capacity to sleep six. In the case of very small campers it may be the case that the housing part is for two and yet count with three seats for travel.

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Part vehicle

Like when you buy a car on the side of a motor vehicle you should look at the engine, transmission, suspension, etc. The more engine power and better torque without forgetting consumption. Automatic switching for those seeking more comfort and manual for those who prefer simplicity and reduce costs. Air suspension with height adjustment is ideal, but depending on the final price sometimes you have to settle for a conventional system. And the number of axes or twin wheels carried back or not depends on the capacity and size of the motorhome.

Regarding benefits there are two points to keep in mind; they are slow vehicles by weight, volume and aerodynamics, so you have to travel to take it easy, especially uphill. But also consume a lot and get 10 liters of diesel per hundred kilometers average can be a Utopia. Even with modern engines is very normal that the average consumption in road is between 12 and 14 liters per hundred.

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Part housing

In addition to the number of seats and beds must be taken into account if we want a housing part with a single environment or separations of living room and bedroom. You also have to assess the number of cabinets we want, the importance that we will give the kitchen (may be more or less large) and if we want a bath in one or separate (much cleaner and practical shower but it requires more space).

Motorhomes general rule become a large bed in the living room and vice versa. But you can opt for the fixed bed and another large or bunk beds. The combinations are varied and depend on where the gateway (more focused, more backward or more advanced) is located.

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In addition storage is a point to keep in mind that also affects the design of the room. And not just talking about the closets, also the storage room. There motorhomes with small bunkers outside access, but there are models that have a real garage with room for two or three bikes (on it a large bed is placed inside the housing part).

To use it is necessary that the gateway is large. Generally it’s side, but there are also models with rear access and, in some cases, the back wall swivels to become an access ramp for the garage / storeroom.


We cannot forget the equipment of our future motorhome. The most basic feature the essential, but as the price increases are including more elements to make our lives more comfortable motorhome. The stationary heating is common to all, but the air conditioning did not find it at all, as well as water tanks large volume to expand our autonomy.

TV, ergonomic seats, WiFi, microwave or different types of interior lights, are part of that equipment that differentiates the most expensive of the cheapest motorhomes. But keep in mind that not only live inside the motor home and that one of its main attractions is to be in contact with nature, so the integrated awnings are a coveted accessory and even more if they are electrically operated.

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