The Gym Ball: The Secret For The Flat Stomach

What is the part of the body that torments us the most? Without a doubt it is obviously the belly … If you are looking for an effective method to eliminate some roundness and to feel better in your body, here it is: the gym ball.

The Gym Ball
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Why is the gym ball effective?

When you have to resume sports to eliminate any accumulated excess, it often happens to get discouraged quickly. To reshape the silhouette, doing abdominal sessions is not the funniest thing in the world … In this regard; there is a simple solution to firm the body in another way: the gym ball. What is that? This is a large fitness ball used for strengthening deep muscles. Strengthens the abdominal fascia, tones the silhouette and relieves back pain.

Thanks to the gym ball, you will return to having a flat stomach! The movements of the ball on the stomach produce the same effects as a massage. Result: they stimulate the blood circulation and eliminate the extra pounds little by little. With this tool tone the whole body, even if the abdominals are the most stressed muscles. Rolling on the ball, you also learn to control the balance. And again: improve posture, work on concentration, improve maintenance and stretching. By exercising daily you will get quick results.

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The Gym Ball
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How to choose the gym ball?

To choose the gym ball, pay attention to the size, hardness and anti-burst resistance.

A gym ball that’s right for you should allow you to have your feet on the ground when you’re sitting on it and being in balance when you lift your legs up to 90 degrees. In general …

  • With height from 1.55 m to 1.70 m, choose a gym ball 55 cm
  • With height from 1.70 m to 1.85 m, choose the gym ball of 65 cm
  • For those who are taller than 1.85 m, there is a gym ball of 75 cm

Usually the gym ball is used well inflated. But the more it is swollen, the more difficult it becomes. If you are a beginner, choose a soft and inflating gym ball when the exercise becomes too easy. To train yourself, discover the videos of the exercises with the gym ball.

By now, you know the secrets of the gym ball. Anyone who wants to remodel the line and get visible results without stress is advised!

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