Male Pattern Baldness and how to Tell if you Might Have it

Male pattern baldness is something that happens to millions of men all over the UK – in fact by the age of 50, around half of all the men in the UK will have started to notice they are going bald and in some cases men as young as twenty start to notice that they are losing their hair, so if this is something you are suffering from, then it is important to remember that you are certainly not alone.

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Male pattern baldness is by far the most common reason for hair loss in men and it is something that is genetic – so if your older male relatives such as your father and grandfather went bald it is highly likely that you also will.


Many men like to embrace the bald look and action movie stars in particular have made the look popular and sexy, so it is something that lots of men opt for! However, if you prefer to have hair on your head there are many options out there for you, from wearing a toupee to scalp micropigmentation, or even a hair transplant.

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If you think that you may be likely to lose your hair, then the main things to look out for are thinning of the hair on the top of the head as well as a receding hair line from the front. Hair may also start to be thinner and lighter before the follicles stop working completely.

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