How to store beets

Very characteristic for their striking color, beets are also a very beneficial food for our health. It is possible that, on some occasions, it is difficult for us to know how to take advantage of it in our dishes, but the reality is that it helps us to complete them in a healthy way and rich in vitamins, folic acid, fiber, and antioxidants.

How to keep raw beets in the fridge

Beets are food that can last perfectly in the fridge for around 10-15 days. However, it will always depend on the state in which we buy it in the supermarket. Once acquired, it must be kept cold, preferably in the vegetable and vegetable drawer, as it keeps the characteristics to store this type of roots in good condition.

We can choose to store it in a perforated plastic bag, so that it perspires and does not rot, or directly loose in the drawer. It is also preferable that you leave it, if possible, with the leaves that it usually brings. These also help conservation and, in addition, can be used for soups or vegetable purees.

How to keep cooked beets in good conditionHow to store beets

Undoubtedly, the objective of cooking the beet will be to consume it in a few days, add it directly to smoothies or purees, or freeze it to make it last longer. Beet cooked in the fridge lasts much less than raw but, as we always tell you, it depends on you how to distribute it and how many different dishes you want to make with it. Once cooked, it will last for about 5 days.

We can make it in a pot with water, salt, and a splash of vinegar. First, we will cut the leaves (as we have told you before, do not throw them away! Take advantage of them for a vegetable broth). We will not cut anything else or peel them. When the water begins to boil, we will add the beets and let them cook. Depending on its size, it can be cooking for approximately three-quarters of an hour or an hour, but we will see it as we go.

Once cooked, let it cool and store without peeling in the fridge. We can do it in an airtight plastic or glass container. We will peel it when we are going to consume it or freeze it and the procedure will be the same as if we were to peel a cooked potato. Of course, be careful when cutting it! This root stains a lot and the stains it leaves are difficult to remove, so keep that in mind. Finally, one more option would be to freeze them as we are going to tell you below.

Can beets be frozen?How to store beets

On many occasions, we add beets to our dishes but we have a large amount leftover, so it ends up spoiling in the fridge. As you know, this root goes bad pretty quickly, so a solution is to freeze it and be able to store it for much longer.

If you opt for this option, when you thaw it you will have to add it to a puree or a smoothie because the texture after this process is not optimal for consumption raw. So take advantage of your raw beet for dishes such as salads or accompaniments and use the one you want to freeze to enjoy in another way 😉

To freeze it we recommend several things :

  • First, cook it as we have indicated above.
  • Second, let it cool and cut it into pieces of different sizes. From a beet, you can get four pieces or 10. Remember what we have told you above with the stains it produces.
  • Lastly, use an airtight freezer bag. This way we can easily eliminate the air and that we do not occupy practically anything in the freezer.

To use it again, we will remove the pieces that we are going to use and allow them to defrost at room temperature. Later, we can grind it with the blender in a simple way.

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