10 curious gadgets to take care of health

10 curious gadgets to take care of health. Technology also seeks its niche in the field of wellness with innovative devices that facilitate the user’s life. Smart wristbands have given way to useful tools for people with specific diseases or athletes who want to control their activity.

Do you know these gadgets for health?

take care of health

1) Dash headphones: These small Bragi receivers allow you to listen to music from any device connected by Bluetooth and play the songs stored in its internal memory of 4 GB. In addition, this device records the steps, heart rate or energy consumed and notifies voice data in real time while exercising.

2) Bracelet June: This Netatmo device is capable of measuring the intensity of solar radiation and sending information about ultraviolet rays to a mobile application for iOS. The app records the level of UV rays, the recommended sunscreen SDF to apply at that time and if it is advisable to resort to shadows, use glasses or some type of hat.

3) Smart lenses: Google and the Novartis pharmaceutical company are developing contact lenses for patients with diabetes. The idea is that these contact lenses are able to control the blood glucose level and other user parameters. The information is sent to the user’s smartphone and this allows maintaining control of diabetes.

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4) Extraction blood Tasso Inc: A subsidiary of the American University of Wisconsin-Medison works on a vacuum suction blood collection device, less painful than current needles. This method extracts the blood through the microscopic capillaries of the skin and stores it in an attached container. It is still in the experimental phase.

5) Glasses Enchroma: These glasses are special for people who suffer from color blindness. The glasses correct the problem and the patient is able to appreciate the colors. They are made of polycarbonate and are suitable for children and athletes.

6) Adhere Tech tablet canister: AdhereTech smart tablet bottles help patients remember their medication. When the patient does not take a dose, the bottle automatically calls the connected phone or sends a text message. It also emits blinking lights and noises if warning signals are ignored.

7) iHealth Core Scale: It is able to record the indicators related to weight, lean, muscular, bone, visceral and water mass as well as the body mass index. The scale is connected to a smartphone through an application that allows you to monitor the results, see the history of them and even send them to the doctor, dietitian or personal trainer.

8) Liftware bucket: This spoon created by Google X is designed for people suffering from Parkinson’s. The spoon detects when the patient’s hand is shaking and makes adjustments at the time to maintain balance and reduce tremors.

9) Sensory sock: It offers, through a sock with sensors and an electronic ankle, to measure the plantar pressure and force transmitting it to different mobile devices. It can be useful to detect falls, foot injuries or other complications that the user may have. It can be configured to alert a patient, their family or healthcare staff.

10) Bike Washing Machine: Chinese designers from the University of Dalian have developed a curious device: a bicycle that replaces the front wheel with the drum of a washing machine. Thus, spinning can be done while doing the laundry.

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