Happiness is … in the sales?

When I told a friend I was going to write an article about the sale and consumption useless for a fashion portal, he laughed in my face. It seemed ridiculous, because writing about not buying into a portal that sometimes advises us what to buy was a bit absurd.

I think that is wrong. As many people are confusing fashion clothing. A fashion portal speaking of fashion, from the catwalks, the imitations new collections of shops low cost (that low, for several years already, have very little). Go rebates to fill (even more) a closet or feel prettier fashion is not worship, it is worship clothing. And no, there is nothing criminal about it, but let’s call things by their name.

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There are those who say that it does buy a lot of clothes because it is unhappy. Well, there are people who claim that if you do not like a beautiful chick is because you’re jealous, not because it is unbearable. Do not fall into extremes: it is so well buy some clothes because now you look best price (although even while 50% have a ridiculously high price) and not have to put someone unbearable, is handsome, ugly or plain.

However, and it may seem quite normal busting out shopping in the sales, the issue is getting out of hand. Fights to buy a pair of cheap garments that produce expensive designer collections for those who “want to but can not”; queues at the entrance of the department store to get something supposedly useful, months later, just at the bottom of our huge closet; anguish, testers queues, queues to pay, queues to change it purchased, or nights of waiting at a computer to catch something in the online sale … Months of work Monday through Friday from 8-18 with two hours means eat … and all to have three t four five blouses and pants in your closet.

I also had a dressing room. And two. One day I took the move to give away everything that does not put me. And how it hurt, my mother. Each garment gifted utility found him useless, but I forced myself to get rid of it. Because deep down he knew well: I’m not “in love” with the pants or the skirt. In the end, this is like dating someone “sympathetic”: you have car but you’ll end despondence by very good person whatsoever.

I know many people who claim that does not dress for anybody. They say do it for themselves. I guess it’s a way of saying: “I’m not an insecure person, just want to like myself.” But I do not think I do not realize that one need not be a hundred dresses liking, or four strangers’ compliments flights from Instagram to feel attractive.

A few months ago I went to live on an island. I took a suitcase of clothes. Else (what little I had left after having given all) I left packaged in a friend’s house I do not know, I do not miss anything that I have not. I, living in a big city, also dressed me for myself. But since I’m on an island I do not break your head with what I’m going to put the next day. Yes, I worry about my image. Yes, I like to look well dressed. Yes, I do my reflection. I take my well combined, clean and well ironed. But I no longer care what season it is and what they think when they see me with jersey 2011.

He who does not accept me because my clothes are not modern, I do not care.

But hey, former smokers will become bitter life to anyone who smokes in front of us. My case is no exception. So not having removed (for a time) to an island should assume that others have to regulate their two hundred pairs of shoes.

Unfortunately I am aware that, sooner or later return to Barcelona. And I’ll go on sale. And I worry (if we will!) If my “blazer” is too old-fashioned or my “trench” is no longer carried. And I come home laden with bags (I see it coming).

I just hope that with every year I spend a little less. And it is almost impossible not to be part of this system, what can we do.

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