Have you behind your Halloween costume? We give you five ideas for those who just need a LBD

We not all live Halloween night as if it were the most important day of the year. Many decided to celebrate three days before and of course, the costumes have flown more care stores or are too trite. Do not panic! Here are five ideas to get costume with something that we all have at home: A little black dress.

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Wednesday Adams

If you love minimalist style, the small of the Adams family should be one of your it girls reference. With a sense of humor as black and a sense of style just dark, it is the perfect anti-heroine to copy on Halloween. You do not know what to wear tonight? Keep it simple, Wednesday would not. This is all you’ll need!

  • Neck black dress closed.
  • Male white shirt with collar.
  • Oxford shoes very British.
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Cruella Deville

The most cruel and evil Disney villain, but also the most stylish. With all the glamour of the 50s the bad, cigar long nozzle included 101 Dalmatians is the perfect choice for a costume quick and effective Halloween. Do not forget the wig! What else you need?

  • Wrap hair in neutral tones, leopard … which you most want!
  • Waisted black dress.
  • Red or burgundy gloves.
  • Jewelry emerald tones. Rings, earrings, necklaces or what you find at home.
  • Bag animal print.
  • Matching your gloves, the higher the better.

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Fiona Goode

The supreme sorcerer of American Horror Story Coven is the perfect choice for those who seek a sophisticated and easy costume to get. The character played by Jessica Lange elegant always chooses the black color from head to toe, adding details key style luxury. This is all you’ll need to dress up her tonight.

  • Sophisticated black dress.
  • Leather gloves.
  • XXL sunglasses.
  • Black umbrella.
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Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Who would not want to be Audrey? It’s wonderful, is stylish, is beautiful and elegant. But above all (and most importantly at this time) it is easy to imitate for a Halloween costume. Diva Become an era of super fast. You want scary? Adulate makeup to be Audrey Hepburn zombie, certainly no one expected. What do you need? Easy peasy!

  • Black dress.
  • Collar statement XXL.
  • A tiara or crown, cannot miss.
  • Long satin gloves.
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Salem, Sabrina cat

If there is something out of Halloween (besides pumpkins and candy) are cats, the blackest better. Around this animal they have been built many myths and stories of witches and sorcerers. And on Halloween all they go for a walk! Want to be a minimum with dark legends? You only need three things.

  • Black dress.
  • Cat ears. They can be shaped headband, hairpin or cap, to give a modern touch trendy.
  • Cat tail. If you do not want to buy, you can always do it with a sleeve jersey stuffed with cotton.

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