The 27 card games that have to play to forget the Tute

It is undeniable that, in recent years, the world of playfulness has evolved to the point of meeting with a sensational offer games. Every time we have at our disposal a larger catalog and variety of games of cards with many themes, settings and mechanical.

Today we have compiled 27 card games that once you park and enjoy the long summer evenings playing proposals for all tastes.

‘Secret code’

We started with the new winner of the Spiel des Jahres 2016, the most prestigious award in the playful world. In ‘Secret Code’, two teams will compete for, on a board of five by five letters, uncover the spy networkhidden. They will have a key that sets this framework and clues that will unravel by the heads of spies.


A game of visual acuity in his more than fifty letters are full of symbols. In ‘Dobble’, which also has a version for younger, you will find the symbol that is repeated. You open the game, you choose one of five minigames containing and you just go in a highly entertaining session.

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‘Exploding Kittens’

If you like cats and even more things to explode, then ‘Exploding Kittens’ is your game. A kind of Russian roulette with cats, in which there are few who exploit them. You can only avoid this fate with cards that turn off, while trying to avoid stealing. A quick game (10 or 15 minutes per game) and ensures fun even though it has much chance in this game.


One of the great classics of card games. With “stabs friends” as leitmotif, players are going to fight monsters, taking the treasure of their dungeons and if we can annoy opponents with curses, wandering monsters and other better. ‘Munchkin’ is the typical game where you cannot go wrong because losing a point where you start to throw everything to not win the other arrives. But much better if you are who you want.


One of my first introductions to the world of letters ( by removing Magic and others) is a game where you earn points by cutting head to nobles in full French Revolution. While heading to the scaffold in a row, you and your friends make you executioners will fight for the most valuable for heads in three shifts.


Another one of my first contacts with the world of letters was ‘citadels’, a game that could start and claim the title of classic in the scene. In it there are different characters who strive to make the best city, for it will have different skills that used to thrive both as to prevent the advance of rivals.

‘San Juan’

Based on management game possessions ‘Puerto Rico’ in San Juan we have a pretty lighter and even improved version (depending on who you ask). In this card game we will compete for having the best buildings and factories portorricense capital.

‘Catan: The Card Game’

Are you passionate about the Settlers of Catan? Going on a trip with a larger box than a backpack can be a deterrent, but for some years there is a version of card game resources. An adaptation sufficiently different to change slightly the usual strategies, but retains the spirit of the original game.


Wild West gunslingers amok and its unique mission: to kill the Sheriff. In ‘Bang!’, Different characters in the world of jeans will use their skills and weapons to fight each other without knowing exactly what role occupy others, except the sheriff. A great duel between renegade outlaws and sheriffs in the flying bullets and fun.

‘Werewolves of Miller’

A twist to the classic game of “People sleep” in which players are killed each turn and must determine what / s culprit / s. In ‘Werewolves’ among the villagers live a series of characters with certain skills, that can handle the thread of the story. The good? there are expansions with new characters. The bad? you need a fairly large group to play.

‘Jungle Speed’

More than a crooked finger, scratch and slog for the totem have led me (and my friends) to play ‘Jungle Speed’. The game is simple, players are pulling out cards with very similar symbols, the moment in which two match a duel in winning the first to take the totem center occurs. Hours and hours of resentments and moment.

‘Cards against humanity’

Not suitable game for more than one that I know (and we all know). Humor very black and macabre is the main element of this game in which players are voting the cruelest and great questions and situations that may arise response. Very indie but absolutely hilarious another game.

‘Ticket to Ride! Card game’

Another board games for which is always good to have a version cards is ‘Ticket to Ride’ with fever rail and control of rail lines in the US in the early twentieth century as a setting. If you liked the original game, this is in line with the cars turned into valuable cards to connect destinations.


If the roll “be dwarf and gold tell” you mola, then ‘Saboteur’ is a great option. Two types of dwarf: search engines and saboteurs who should get and keep as many gold nuggets.


A recent classic that has been rising like foam and is becoming increasingly popular. In ‘Dixit’ we become storytellers that create little strange phrases to other players take the card that best represents this letter. A game that develops creativity and works especially well if you connect and know that you play a lot.

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This game is one of the most comedians coconut have caused in my life. And it is that however much we control the history of science and technology (to say the original topic, ‘Inventions’) this game will make you doubt what it was before in a competition to place your cards in the correct chronological order. There are also discoveries, historical events …


A good set of management and sale of products in which you become the merchant Mahraja staff. Your mission is to be named the best trader in a competition between two. Being only two players may be inconvenient, but it is nevertheless a feature not have many games without sacrificing mechanical, so you make sure to play Jaipur at its best.


Do they reach the festivals of your people and have not been spent on fireworks rooms? Well do not worry because ‘Hanabi’ you and your friends will create the best fireworks show. The rotation of the mechanics is you do not know what cards you have in your hand and you must trust a information of other players in a cooperative game won Spiel des Jahres 2013.


If you are going is a great strategy game, complex but which invest a reasonably quick time, ‘Dominion’ is an ideal choice. Each player has to build, based on the cards you will receive the most powerful kingdom, which will be represented by your deck, which will fill and you change turn to turn.

‘The Lord of the Rings LCG

Of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is a whole huge number of licenses … and even in the world of card games had a couple of JCCs. A couple of years ago she Edge published in the LCG in which the goal is to defeat the dark forces that abound in Middle – earth. The problem? because the fact of being a Living Card Game, so you can leave you a pretty penny (although not too expensive packs) if you want to “go further”.

‘Space Hulk: Death Angel’

Since we walk with mythical things what if we get into the great universe of Warhammer 40,000 and its legendary Space Hulk? In ‘Death Angel ‘ Space Marines go on missions in space of the 41st millennium in a cooperative game where they must withstand the onrushing hordes of aliens.


Beans, the new gold! Well almost. ‘ Bohnanza ‘ is a game in which the goal is to get rich and earn gold collecting and selling beans … Of course, there is a strict order and can not always plant the variety you want. A limited deck game, because when runs for the third time, it ends.

‘Sushi GO!’

Funny (sometimes too) and fast, these are the main keys to the success of ‘ Sushi GO! ‘, In which players must hurry to achieve the best combination of plate of sushi. A highly recommended game for a while in which not give us too much coconut or de- stress after a game of a much more complex game.


This game is another of those who have increasingly become a perennial on the shelves. In ‘ Condottiere ‘ you have a clear goal: take control of the Italian Renaissance using your best Machiavellian skills, cunning and armies. A set of these with which picarse healthily with your opponents.

‘Take 6!’

This game can fall into the category of ” seems simple, but it is not so .” In Take 6!The goal is ruled out the most cards by placing your hand in a series of rows of five cards on the table … but if you have to place the sixth you take it all! A game that is as entertaining as unpredictable, and the more players involved, “better” gets the thing.


Chameleons invade the deck in a game in which the colors punctuate. During the game of ‘ Coloretto ‘ we stealing letters and specializing in a few colors with a problem: the end of the game we only scored three best colors and the rest of us remaining points, redundant. A game for two players becomes too short but becomes four locurón.

‘The resistance’

They call me a story of subversion and resistance to an oppressive regime and have convinced me. In ‘ The Resistance ‘ you discover that a group of spies have sneaked into your organization, and you will discover them before they have time to thwart your plans. Deduction and difficult decisions are the elements that should dominate throughout the game.

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